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Statistics (Other) Overview

The field of Mathematics and Statistics offers many opportunities for students to specialize in an area that interests them. Aside from typical majors in Applied Mathematics or Statistics, students could major in Actuarial Science, where they will learn how to analyze risk using mathematical formulas. Another choice is Economics, which will allow students to learn about a country's economy, specifically how to maximize productivity, maintain financial stability, and create new wealth. Another major is Mathematics Physics, which will place an emphasis on the math involved in physics. All of these majors are hands-on and will require a rigorous and dedicated student.

Some of the classes you can expect to take when majoring in the mathematics field include algebra, calculus, physics, economics, accounting, computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics.

Required Skills

Successful students will be curious, hardworking, eager to learn, and ready to have a hands-on experience. Mathematics requires logic and critical thinking skills. Much of your time will be spent analyzing data and identifying patterns and trends. Most of your work will be done on the computer as you learn to create and develop databases and spreadsheets to analyze data.

Interpersonal skills will come in handy as you learn cooperatively with your peers and collaborate on projects. You need to be able to act as a leader, but also work as a team player. Listen to your peers in order to learn from them, while still effectively communicating your own ideas. It is important to be able speak clearly so that you are able to present your ideas in a professional manner. Writing skills will help you clearly communicate abstract concepts.


Strong mathematical skills are necessary in the financial and business world. Many graduates find work as bankers, financial advisors, quality analysts, economists, actuaries, or auditors. Choosing a major that more specifically targets your interests will help you narrow your options in terms of a career. Computer science and development is another popular field for graduates. Some career choices may require additional education.

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