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Natural Resources Conservation (Other) Overview

Natural Resources Conservation is a wide field and contains many different majors from Wildlife Management to Fisheries Science. However, there are some lesser-known majors that may interest you. Choosing a more narrow focus allows you the opportunity to focus on a particular area of natural resource conservation and go into a field that you are genuinely passionate about.

One lesser known major is Sustainable Resource Management. In this major students will learn how to ensure the longevity of resources that are used often. Students could also choose to major in Zoology and learn about animals, conserving habitats and the intricacy of ecological systems. These are just a few examples of subjects you may want to concentrate in. Before committing to a college, examine their course offerings to ensure they offer the classes you are interested in.

Any major in Natural Resources will include a strong science curriculum ranging from biology and ecology to chemistry and environmental science. Sustainable Resource Management will also include classes in policy and wildlife management while Zoology will focus on animal physiology, genetics, and mammalogy.

Required Skills

If you have a passion for the environment and wish to ensure certain resources and animals will be around for future generations, then a major in this field could be perfect for you. Many of the majors in this field of study could lead to spending time outdoors performing fieldwork while also providing the opportunity to work in labs or even classrooms informing the public of the importance of natural resource conservation.

Students interested in this field should take as many science courses as possible during High School. Critical and analytical thinking and problem solving skills are also important. Many of the majors in this field also require students to learn to be excellent communicators and work on their speaking and writing skills.

Internships, summer jobs, or volunteering with conservation efforts will provide experience that will be helpful while pursuing a major in Natural Resources. Organizations such as The Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, and the U.S. National Park Service are committed to conserving resources and habitats and often allow students the opportunity to learn from them as an intern.


A degree in the Natural Resources, including Sustainable Resource Management or Zoology among others, will prepare graduates for a career at any number of conservation organizations or government agencies. The more advanced the degree, the more opportunities will be available to graduates along with greater opportunities to advance. The career fields in natural conservation have been slowly growing over the past couple years. Competition for jobs may be high depending on what area you live in.

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