Parks, Recreation & Leisure Studies (Other)
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Parks, Recreation & Leisure Studies (Other) Overview

Everyone enjoys time to rest and relax. A degree in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies will allow you to provide services that will help others chill out while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There are many areas of specialization you can choose from within the Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies field. Some of the lesser know areas include Ski Resort Management, Personal Training, and Sports training. Depending on your area of specialization, you will take classes in management, hospitality, finance, administration, and marketing or exercise science, anatomy, nutrition, and physiology.

Required Skills

Students who pursue a degree in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure studies often work in careers interacting with people. This requires strong communication and interpersonal skills. Students should also have strong customer service skills as they are expected to provide different types of services to paying customers.

Some jobs in the parks and recreation industry can be seasonal or part time. Those who are in management positions often have full time jobs and may have to work overtime during busy seasons. Those who are self-employed set their own hours and may be busy depending on the demand for their services.

When pursuing a career in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies, it is best to pursue a summer job or internship in the field. This will allow students to get hands-on experience outside the classroom along with gaining relevant experience that will make them competitive in the job market.


Job locations and work environments vary depending on the area of specialization within the field. Students who specialized in Ski Resort Management work at a variety of ski resorts both around the country and around the world. Students with degrees in areas such as Personal or Sports Training work in gyms, for collegiate or professional teams, or become self-employed. Depending on the occupation you go into, fields are growing between an average and faster than average rate. Graduates looking for jobs in specialized areas may need to relocate in order to find work.

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