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General Physical Sciences Overview

A major in General Physical Sciences provides a solid background in the physical sciences, often with a focus in chemistry or physics. This is an interdisciplinary major that is great preparation for a career as a science teacher, or other science related jobs.

General Physical Sciences is different from other majors in that its focus is on a broad education, rather than a specific area. Some of the classes students will take include chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, thermodynamics, earth science and others. A bachelor's degree is usually not enough education for a career specific to the various science fields. However, it is excellent preparation for teaching, work as a lab technician or graduate studies.

Required Skills

This major is focused on the study of the physical elements of our world. Students should not be afraid of advanced science or math classes. They should have a scientific, objective mind and enjoy observing elements, performing experiments and making discoveries.

Your classes will involve time spent in the lecture halls as well as plenty of lab work. You will usually work in pairs or groups performing experiments and writing lab reports documenting your findings. Students should be detail oriented and creative when performing research and writing papers. Good communication and teamwork skills will help you when preparing group presentations, as well as in a future career.


Most students who pursue a major in General Physical Sciences are interested in teaching at the secondary level. They can become physics, chemistry or general science teachers. Some choose to continue their education with a graduate degree in the same field or in a specialized area. For those not interested in teaching, graduates can obtain jobs as lab technicians, conservationists, forestry technicians, wildlife management and other science-related work. Salary will depend on your career choice and education level.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in General Physical Sciences might open up.

Natural Sciences Managers
Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education
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