Highest Paid in 2019: Anthropology Graduates in Oregon

Oregon Colleges & Universities with the Highest Paid Anthropology Grads

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Typically, a Anthropology starting salary is $35,433 per year. If you choose one of the colleges shown below, there’s a high probability your salary will be higher than average.

Find the Best Schools in the State When it Comes to High Pay for Anthropology Grads

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Willamette University is among your best bets if you're planning on studying Anthropology. Students from the Anthropology major at Willamette University get 1.9% above the average college grad with the same degree. Salem, Oregon is an ideal location for students who relish the busy city life.

Quite a few Willamette first-year students get scholarships. Get higher than 28 on the ACT? That is over the typical applicant score, so you have a good possibility of getting in. The scorecard provides a fantastic summary of Willamette University.

Oregon State University is a great option for students pursuing an Anthropology degree. After getting their bachelor's degree, Anthropology students typically make an average of $35,768 in the first five years of their career. With more than 20,000 students, this institution is one of the biggest schools in the nation.

You might want to commit to an ACT prep course before you take the exam since the usual ACT score is 24. You will get a high-return on your educational investment with Oregon State University, since its net price of $22,636 is a great deal. If you are interested in knowing more, you will find every one of Oregon State University's rankings here.

Every student who is interested in Anthropology needs to look into Linfield College. Students who love a more relaxed life will treasure the school's setting in the smallish town of McMinnville, Oregon.

Linfield College does not require freshman students to live on-campus. If you're interested in Linfield, hit the books. The usual SAT score of applicants is 1,055. Go on a virtual tour to explore more about Linfield.

Reed College is a good choice for students pursuing an Anthropology degree. Placed in Portland, Oregon, this college is a strong final choice for students who enjoy the thrill of a large city.

There is an advanced degree program available for those who are interested. Freshmen are not required to live on-campus at Reed College. Get a better idea of what student life at Reed is really like by watching a few campus videos.

Every student pursuing a degree in Anthropology needs to look into University of Oregon. Eugene, Oregon is an ideal setting for college students who appreciate the fast moving city life.

University of Oregon does not require freshman students to live on-campus. About 67.6% of the instructors at University of Oregon are full-time and get normal office hours, so they should be more accessible to help. Ever wish schools were graded with a report card? Now they are. Have a look at University of Oregon's scorecard.

It is hard to beat Western Oregon University if you want to study Anthropology. This is an exceptional option for students who like the charms of a small college town.

Every year, approximately 59.0% freshman students receive a scholarship, with the average amount being $2,235. With the diverse student body at Western Oregon University, you'll have lots of opportunities to interact with individuals from many walks of life. Get a better idea of what student life at Western Oregon University is like by viewing some campus videos.

Every student who is interested in Anthropology has to take a look at Portland State University. With over 20,000 undergraduates, this school is among the biggest schools in the U.S..

Portland State University has been rated among the best for quality of education for veterans and military personnel. This school does not require first-year students to live on-campus. A virtual tour could be an easy way to find out more about Portland State University.

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It's difficult to beat Southern Oregon University if you want to study Anthropology. The locale of Ashland, Oregon, is satisfactory for individuals who desire a less busy, suburban region.

With 53.1% of the educators being full time, students will get a good amount of face time with teachers. Many Southern Oregon University first-year students are given scholarships. Check out some school videos to explore what being on campus is like.

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