Human Services Overview

There are many people in society that need special help at some point in their lives: the elderly, homeless families, pregnant teens, and people with addiction problems. A degree in Human Services will allow you to provide essential services to vulnerable populations. Human Services involves the general study of human behavior as well as hands-on field experience in order to learn how to improve the lives of people. Generalists will be able to work in public and private human services agencies and organizations.

Instruction in Human Services will take a multi-disciplinary approach. Classes will include: human behavior, psychology, social sciences, principles of social service, human services policy, planning and evaluation, social services law and administration. You will also receive training in practical applications to particular issues, services, localities, and populations.

Required Skills

This major is idea for compassionate and caring individuals who have a passion for helping other people overcome their challenges. Most of the clients you will be working with are in stressful or desperate situations, so it is important to remain empathetic and understanding.

Human Services involves working with people from diverse backgrounds. You must be able to build a trusting relationship with your client making communication and interpersonal skills crucial for success. You will often collaborate with a team of human services workers and think creatively to help your clients overcome their challenges.


There are two main types of human services: those that deal directly with clients and those that provide administrative support for a service agency. For those who want to work directly with people can find jobs as the following: case workers, counselors, mental health aides, and social workers. On the administrative side, you can find work as a grant writer, program director, or development director.

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Social and Community Service Managers
Social and Human Service Assistants
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