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While not as fashionable as other majors, there are still a considerable number of students majoring in Social Work. 22,726 students graduate with a Social Work degree per year, which means it has a ranking of 26th most common.

With a ranking of 120 out of a total 121 college majors for income potential, Social Work is not the best option when it comes to earnings. However, some schools offer significantly better outcomes, and some students increase their earning potential by advancing their education.

Best Social Work Colleges Ranked in Order of Quality

Learn about the top ranked colleges and universities for Social Work majors. Some of the factors included in the ranking methodology include education quality, average earnings of graduates, accreditation, and more.

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The top ranked school in the U.S. for Social Work is University of California - Berkeley. Students who graduate from this program report average early career wages of $41,463 and mid-career wages of $72,087. University of California - Berkeley has one of the largest student bodies in California.

97.0% of freshmen return for their second year. University of California - Berkeley graduates seem to be doing well in the world as they are way less likely to default on their student loans compared to grads from other schools. Learn more to see how well UC Berkeley ranks in other categories.

Rutgers University - New Brunswick is among your best bets if you want to study Social Work. Students who graduate from the social work program make about $37,089 for their early career and $58,767 in their mid career. The setting in a big city is tremendous for scholars trying to find adequate chances for social networking, experience, and life.

You shouldn't be concerned about affording Rutgers University - New Brunswick; 52.0% of their undergraduates obtain financial assistance. Graded #1 in New Jersey for overall value, we would have predicted this university's superb educational programs to be more expensive. Find out about what campus life at Rutgers New Brunswick is like by enjoying some campus videos.

Every student who is interested in Social Work has to check out New York University. New York University offers graduate degrees in social work for those interested in an advanced degree. The location in a major city is great for scholars trying to find adequate opportunities for social networking, adventure, and exploration.

You may want to invest in an ACT preparation class before you take the test because the typical ACT score is 31. There is a graduate program available for students who are interested. The scorecard provides a great overview of New York University.

St Catherine University is one of the finest schools in the country for Social Work. In addition to its bachelor's programs, St Catherine University offers graduate degrees in Social Work. Saint Paul, Minnesota is the perfect location for young people who get pleasure from the active urban lifestyle.

81.0% of first years return for their sophomore year of school. St. Kate's' 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio is one of the very best in the United States. Take a virtual tour to explore more about St. Kate's' campus.

University of Wisconsin - Madison is among your top options if you're planning on studying Social Work. Social work graduates from University of Wisconsin - Madison get a earnings boost of around 11.7% above the typical income of social work graduates. Placed in Madison, Wisconsin, this college is a logical final choice for students who enjoy the exhilaration of a substantial city.

With 80.7% of the professors working full time, students will get a good amount of interaction with educators. For those who would like to keep going following their undergraduate degree, University of Wisconsin - Madison has grad programs available. Get a better idea of what being on campus at Wisconsin is like by enjoying some campus videos.

University of Georgia is one of the finest schools in the country for Social Work. After graduation, social work students generally earn around $36,495 at the beginning of their careers. University of Georgia is one of the largest schools in Georgia.

Students should not let costs stop them from deciding on University of Georgia since 82.0% of students receive financial assistance. On average, undergrads accumulate about $23,700 of student debt at University of Georgia. That's far lower than the U.S. average of $28,421. Check out some school videos to learn more about what's happening on campus.

Every student pursuing a degree in Social Work needs to take a look at Fordham University. Fordham University social work graduates earn 18.8% more than the typical social work grad. The setting in a main urban center is wonderful for scholars looking for enough options for networking, excitement, and discovery.

Around 71.0% of Fordham U applicants send their SAT scores, which average around 1,270. Freshman students are not required to live on-campus at Fordham University. Find out about what being on campus at Fordham U is really like by seeing a few campus videos.

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University of New Hampshire - Main Campus is among your top options if you want to study Social Work. Graduates of the social work program state that they receive average early career income of $40,924 and mid-career income of $53,019. Located in Durham, New Hampshire, U of NH provides a dependable, suburban experience for scholars.

You'll get to meet others from many different ethnicities thanks to U of NH's diverse campus. If you're considering U of NH, hit the books. The typical SAT score of applicants is 1,095. View a few school videos for more information on what student life is like.

It is hard to find a better school than University of St Thomas Minnesota if you want to pursue Social Work as a major. University of St Thomas Minnesota social work students earn 9.9% more than the standard social work student. Situated in Saint Paul, Minnesota, this college is a good final choice for students who enjoy the buzz of a substantial city.

Close to 88.0% of first-year students come back to University of St Thomas Minnesota for their next year of school. University of St Thomas Minnesota appeals to the very best, and the average SAT score of applicants is about 1,170. A virtual tour is a good way to find out more about University of St Thomas Minnesota.

Adelphi University is a great option for students pursuing a Social Work degree. Adelphi University social work students earn 17.1% more than the average social work grad. The destination of Garden City, New York, is great for students who favor a more tranquil, suburban spot.

Adelphi's women's basketball team is a powerhouse you are sure to enjoy cheering on. Get higher than 24 on the ACT? That's above the standard applicant score, so you should apply. Where is Adelphi really succeeding? Take a look at all of the school rankings.

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