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Transportation & Materials Moving, Other Overview

Students who major in Transportation and Materials Moving, Other usually pick a specialization that is not covered under Air or Marine Transportation. This can include a major in Logistics, Ground Transportation or some other niche focus.

A major in Logistics can be received as an Associates or Bachelors. This program involves a lot of business courses and prepares graduates for careers as logistics specialists or managers for warehouses, trucking or other transportation industries.

Majoring in ground transportation provides an education in the trucking industry, as well as bus and public transit, heavy equipment, railroads and more. This major can also be completed as an Associate's degree, although some colleges offer it as a bachelor's. Those who are more interested in management positions may choose to complete a bachelor's degree.

Required Skills

This major combines a variety of business, math and science classes with practical training in operating machines and vehicles. Many of your classes will also involve a great deal of computer work. Students should have attention to detail, good math and science skills and the ability to work with heavy machinery if needed.

This major may include some amount of hands-on training. This is a great field for those who learn best by doing and like to work with their hands. Careers in this field may involve working outdoors in inclement weather, as well as working nights, weekends and holidays.


Graduates who majored in Transportation and Materials Moving, Other find careers in a variety of transportation industries. Those who majored in Logistics and/or Supply Chain Management have the skills needed to handle the logistical aspects of transportation, shipping and finance. These graduates can become logistics specialists, managers or administrators in a variety of industries. Job prospects for this industry are good. Students who majored in ground transportation can find themselves working as railroad engineers, warehouse managers, trucking managers, or ground traffic controllers to name just a few career options. Transportation is a large industry with various positions available.

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