Anoka - Ramsey Community College G.I. Bill® Tuition Assistance

Will You go to Anoka - Ramsey Community College for Free Thanks to the G.I. Bill®?

How much will attending Anoka - Ramsey Community College cost you? Below you'll find a breakdown of the G.I. Bill® tuition assistance and more for Anoka - Ramsey Community College.

What's in it for me?

G.I. Bill® Tuition assistance is limited. Check out below if Anoka - Ramsey Community College's tuition is covered. Be sure to check out the G.I. Bill® information for each school you're considering because each school's coverage varies.

Veterans Typically Attend Anoka - Ramsey Community College for no More Than $112

If you qualify for full benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill® we estimate that your yearly out of pocket cost to attend Anoka - Ramsey Community College should not be more than $112.

Veteran Sticker Price$21,030
Guaranteed Post-9/11 Benefits$20,918
Total Out Of Pocket$112

Tuition Fully Covered by GI Bill® Benefits

If you qualify for full benefits, the tuition and fees charged by Anoka - Ramsey Community College will be fully covered. You will not need to rely on a Yellow Ribbon award or institutional aid to cover these costs.

Veteran Tuition And Fees$5,286
Guaranteed Post-9/11 Benefit*$5,286
Total In Your Pocket-$0
*Note: The tuition benefit is capped at the lessor of the actual tuition charged to you or $20,235.
Remember, some forms of aid such as Pell Grants are awarded in addition to your Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits so be sure to fill out your FASA forms.

Yellow Ribbon Participation Could Not Be Determined

Unfortunately, it looks like Anoka - Ramsey Community College does not participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program. If you have tuition and fees charges that are not covered by your Post-9/11 benefits, you will have to pay some tuition out of pocket unless you qualify for other financial aid.

Questions to Ask the Admissions Department

  • Which programs and majors (if any) participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program and how do I apply?

Per Credit Fees and the Active Duty Tuition Assistance Cap

With a per credit charge for in-state students of $149, Anoka - Ramsey Community College falls below the tuition assistance cap of $250 for active duty personnel.

Below Cap for State Residents?$149 per creditis below tuition assistance cap
Below Cap for Non Residents (Out of State)?$149 per creditis below tuition assistance cap
Almost all public colleges treat full-time non-resident veterans as in-state students. You should check with Anoka - Ramsey Community College to see if that policy is true for part-time students as well.

Your Living Expenses Likely Covered

After applying eight months of your assumed MHA against what Anoka - Ramsey Community College thinks your living expenses should be, we see a potential credit in your favor of $88. It is possible that your living expenses will be more than covered!

Off Campus Living Expenses$14,544
Post-9/11 Benefit$14,632
Total In Your Pocket$88
A MHA of $1,829 is likely the largest benefit paid directly to you.

Your Books and Supplies are Not Fully Covered

Your book stipend of $1000 will not cover what Anoka - Ramsey Community College estimates your expenses to be ($1,200).

Supplies Expenses$1,200
Post-9/11 Benefit$1,000
Total Out Of Pocket$200
Not Happy With This College? Is Anoka - Ramsey Community College not living up to its commitments? File a complaint with the VA.
College Factual is not affiliated with the Department of Defense or any Military Service.

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