Bais Medrash Toras Chesed

Where Is Bais Medrash Toras Chesed?

The map below shows where Bais Medrash Toras Chesed is located and can give you an idea of the surrounding cities and towns. How far away is the campus from where you currently live? You want to also make sure you will like the around the campus, too.

Why Location Matters

While you are studying at the school, chances are you'll want to go off-campus sometimes, too. You should know if the area arround Bais Medrash Toras Chesed is in a safe neighborhood and how close it is to other cities in the general area.

Bais Medrash Toras Chesed Location and Map

Bais Medrash Toras Chesed is a private not-for-profit institution located in Lakewood, New Jersey. The city atmosphere of Lakewood makes it a great place for students who enjoy having lots of educational and entertainment options.


Location of Bais Medrash Toras Chesed

Contact details for Bais Medrash Toras Chesed are given below.

Contact Details
Location: 901 Monmouth Ave, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Phone: 732-364-1220

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