The Carson - Newman University Student to Faculty Ratio & Faculty Composition

Does Carson - Newman University have a good student to faculty ratio?

Check out the information on class structures and faculty to get a feel for the academic life at Carson - Newman University .

Above Average Student to Faculty Ratio

Carson - Newman University , with 13 students for every instructional faculty member, has more professors per student than the national average, which is 15 students for every one instructor. This student to faculty ratio is one of the standard metrics used to gauge the number of teaching resources a school provides for its students, and therefore, the individualized attention or quality of instruction the student might receive.

Breakdown of Instructional Staff

The following table shows all the employees the school considers instructional, and therefore, part of the above student-to-faculty ratio. These include both those employees designated as either "primarily instructional" or as "instructional combined with research/public service". It does not include employees that have been identified by Carson - Newman University as primarily performing research or public service.

TotalFull TimePart TimePercent Full Time
Total of Instructional Employees23211511749.6%
  Total of Those With Faculty Status23211511749.6%
    Tenured Faculty63511281.0%
    On Tenure Track4646-100.0%
    Not on Tenure Track1231810514.6%
  Without Faculty Status----
  Graduate Assistants5-5-

Number of Full-Time Teachers is Average

At Carson - Newman University ,50.0% of the teaching staff are full time, which is on average when compared nationally.

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