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What is the Cost of Living at Creighton University ?

Make the very best college decision for yourself by understanding the true cost of college. Get started by understanding just how much you will pay every year for room, board, and other living expenses.

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Creighton Living Expenses

Housing and dining plans are priced out separately at Creighton. The typical student paid $6,260 for housing and $5,014 for dining in 2020.

The next table outlines average expected prices at Creighton University both for living on campus or off campus, meal plans and other charges.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $11,600 $11,600
— Housing       $6,260
— Meals       $5,014
Other Living Expenses $2,800 $2,800
Books and Supplies $1,200 $1,200
Total $15,600 $15,600

What is Room & Board Over Four Years? The Expected Sum Comes to $65,736

Housing and meal plans at Creighton have changed around 2.7% per year these past five years, compared to a nationwide average change of 2.4%. Incoming freshmen in 2021 should expect to pay around $15,924 for room, board and other costs based upon today's trends. Those young people will likely wind up paying roughly $16,257 for their second year, and $16,953 for their fourth year.

Bachelor's degree students will wind up having to pay a total sum of somewhere around $65,736 in room and board by the time they complete their degree, while associate degree students may pay a total sum of about $32,182.


* estimated

Details on Your Campus Living Situation and Food Plan

Are you wondering whether you may be required to live on campus? If you are a first-time full-time student, some schools may require it. See the table below to find out whether Creighton does or not, as well as the on-campus housing capacity.

Schools may offer meal plans where the number of meals per week can vary, for example, the student receives a meal card and charges meals against the card. Then there are schools like Creighton that offer meal plans based on the number of meals per week. See the table below to find out the number of meals per week in the maximum meal plan offered at Creighton.

Question Answer
Are Freshmen Required to Live on Campus? No
On-Campus Housing Capacity 2,517
Meals Per Week Included in Max Meal Plan 19

Room & Board Priced Similarly to Other Schools

Living expenses for students living on campus at Creighton University are $15,600, similar to the national average of $14,951.


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