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Value for your Money
NationwidePoorF-1,383 of 1,472
Region (Middle Atlantic)GoodB-266 of 690
State (New York)PoorF+96 of 113
Student Body Caliber
Admissions Selectivity40.5%A+216 of 3,678
Average Combined Old SAT Score (Math & Reading)1,055D828 of 1,217
Average Combined New SAT Score1130D828 of 1,217
Educational Resources
Student to Faculty Ratio17 : 1D+2,421 of 3,794
Percentage of Full-Time Teachers33.6%D+2,656 of 4,040
Average Faculty Compensation$5,160D-1,868 of 2,371
Expenditures per Student$11,893B743 of 2,572
Degree Completion
Freshman Retention Rate80.0%B+794 of 3,392
Graduation Rate51.5%C+1,440 of 3,271
Graduation Rate BoostAs ExpectedD+1,289 of 2,108
Post Graduation Earnings
Average Following Graduation
Boost Following Graduation
Average Mid-Career
Boost Mid-Career
Student Loan Default Rate
Ethnic DiversityBestA-508 of 3,732
Male to Female DiversityGoodB+1,359 of 3,732
Geographic DiversityPoorF2,949 of 3,452

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