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International Agriculture Overview

Do you dream of ending world hunger? Take the first steps by majoring in International Agriculture.

A degree in International Agriculture will give you the opportunity to understand why food is unequally distributed throughout the world. You will learn about the political, economic, and social factors surrounding agriculture while your classes dive into agribusiness in foreign countries and global environmental issues.

While there are a few schools that offer International Agriculture as a major, you will most often find it offered as a certificate program or a minor. You will choose a certain country or area of the world to concentrate on and learn about their agribusiness.

Required Skills

With a degree in International Agriculture, you can work in foreign countries to help them improve and develop their agriculture. You will analyze problems with the current agriculture business and plan new strategies to alleviate issues.

Since you will be dealing with foreign countries, part of your studies may involve travel. Many students in this major complete study abroad programs or travel upon completing their Majoring in International Agriculture may give you the opportunity to travel abroad once you finish your degree. You must be open to traveling and comfortable going to foreign countries. Creativity and innovation are important skills, as you will encounter unforeseen problems and new environments. Be prepared to face unique challenges and come up with solutions.

It would be beneficial to work a summer job, internship, or at a Co-op to gain agricultural experience. A work abroad or study abroad program would provide you with relevant and valuable experience as you pursue a career in International Agriculture.


A career in International Agriculture will make you an attractive candidate in today's global market. Many people who major in this field work for the United Nations, the State Department, multinational agricultural corporations, or join international volunteer groups, such as the Peace Corps or the Foreign Service.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in International Agriculture might open up.

Agricultural Sciences Teachers, Postsecondary
Food Scientists and Technologists
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