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Agriculture (Other) Overview

Agriculture is a wide field and allows you the option to specialize in any number of areas. Some of the more prominent agriculture majors include Business and Management, Mechanization, and Production. Alternatively, there are opportunities in some schools to further specialize in a specific area of interest to you.

Some of the more specialized majors include Agriculture Real Estate, Rural Entrepreneurship, and Agricultural Leadership and Development (ALED). These majors give you the opportunity to specialize your education and receive a degree in the aspect of agriculture you are genuinely interested in.

While earning your degree in any one of these majors, you will receive a general agriculture education by taking classes such as agricultural economics, science, horticulture, and agronomy. You will also take business classes, which will prepare you for management positions or to become a business owner.

Required Skills

Agriculture is a wide field in which many types of students are drawn. Most students have an interest some aspect of food production as well as abilities in science or business. Students who are hard-working and focus on improving their communication, marketing, and interpersonal skills are bound to succeed. In any form of agribusiness, you will be working with employees and clients, so it's important you are able to communicate effectively.

Many students majoring in agriculture end up working for themselves. This career could involve putting in long hours and physical labor.

Internships, summer jobs, and work on Co-ops or abroad will prepare you to make a decision about majoring in Agriculture Real Estate, Rural Entrepreneurship, Agricultural Leadership and Development (ALED), or another specialized major. You will gain experience within the agricultural business and be prepared to take a management role.


Careers in Agriculture Real Estate, Rural Entrepreneurship, and Agricultural Leadership and Development (ALED) cater to students who are looking to work independently or start their own business. The skills you learn in these classes will prepare you for a successful career as your own boss or in a management position at any number of agricultural businesses.

Depending on what field you decide to enter, job opportunities and salaries will vary.

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