Most Focused Architectural History Schools in 2020

The Colleges Most Focused on Architectural History in the U.S.

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Go to a school focused on Architectural History so you're able to have a wide range of opportunities and build connections. Discover more about the colleges listed below and uncover all their Architectural History programs have to offer.

Listed Below are The Schools with the Highest Percentages of Architectural History Students

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University of San Diego is the optimum choice if you're considering majoring in Architectural History. The setting in a main urban center is wonderful for scholars trying to find adequate choices for social networking, excitement, and discovery.

Since the average SAT score of this school's applicants is about 1,205, the school is able to be selective. Concerned that you can't afford University of San Diego? Don’t allow that to stop you from submitting an application since 69.0% of undergraduates obtain financial help. The scorecard provides a fantastic summary of University of San Diego.

Any student who is interested in Architectural History has to look into Amherst College. The locale of Amherst, Massachusetts, is satisfactory for students who like a quiet, suburban region.

Graded #13 in Massachusetts for value for the money, we would have predicted this college's superb educational programs to command a higher price. Around 85.7% of students graduate on time at Amherst College, which is better than the U.S. average of 37.0%. Check out some school videos to explore what's happening on campus.

University of Kansas is a great choice for students pursuing an Architectural History degree. With more than 20,000 students, this institution is one of the largest schools in the country.

University of Kansas has a great graduation rate, with 41.1% of students graduating in four years. For those who would like to carry on following their bachelor's degree, this school has grad programs available. Want to know more about University of Kansas' campus? Have a virtual tour.

Any student pursuing a degree in Architectural History needs to take a look at Northeastern University. Looking for a big school? This institution has more than 20,000 students on campus.

Score more than 32 on the ACT? That is over the usual applicant score, so you have a good possibility of getting in. Students shouldn't let costs prevent them from applying to this school as 63.0% of undergraduates get some sort of financial assistance. If you are interested in finding out more, you can see all of Northeastern University's rankings here.

Every student pursuing a degree in Architectural History needs to take a look at Boston University. Looking for a big school? This institution has more than 20,000 students on campus.

If you're interested in Boston U, better study hard. The usual SAT score of applicants is 1,320. Just 37.0% of students complete their degree on time. Boston U's ahead of the pack on that level with its 81.0% on-time graduation rate. Take a look at every one of Boston University's rankings to know more about the college.

DePaul University is a good option for individuals interested in an Architectural History major. With over 20,000 students, DePaul University is among the biggest schools in the nation.

Considering the fact that 7.0% of borrowers are in default, DePaul's default rate of 3.8% is really good. With 49.8% of the educators working full time, students are certain to get lots of face time with teachers. If you're interested in knowing more, you can view every one of DePaul University's rankings here.

It is difficult to beat Roger Williams University if you want to study Architectural History. It is established in the suburban area of Bristol, Rhode Island.

By providing school funding to 85.0% of its undergraduates,this school makes it possible to avoid taking on too much debt. With the diverse campus at RWU, you will have lots of chances to learn from individuals from many cultures. Ever wish you had a simple way to find out a college's grades in every subject? Now you do. Check out Roger Williams University's scorecard.

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University of Virginia - Main Campus is among your best bets if you're planning on studying Architectural History. It is established in the suburban region of Charlottesville, Virginia.

University of Virginia boasts a top ranked women's soccer team. For students who wish to carry on after earning a bachelor's degree, University of Virginia - Main Campus has grad programs available. Get a better idea of what student life at University of Virginia is like by enjoying some campus videos.

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