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Architectural Sciences & Technology Overview

This major is fun and exciting for those with a love of technology and an interest in architecture. Students will discover the many uses of modern technology in modern architectural development and design. During your time of study you will discover how to use technology to design new buildings and update older buildings. The program can include learning how to operate technology and machines, create eco-friendly buildings, solar design, and building conservation.

Some of the courses most programs offer include graphics, mathematics, drafting, history, physics, and three dimensional modeling. Students will also take computer-assisted drafting and design, environmental systems, some engineering courses, and environmental and sustainability courses.

Concentrations in this major include fields such as Architectural Technology Technician and Architectural and Building Sciences among others. Not all colleges will have these concentrations so make sure that you check if you desire to specialize.

Required Skills

As an architectural engineer and technology major you need to have computer and technological skills. Subjects studied in this course are ever changing and expanding to keep up with the rate of technology. Students should have the imagination and creativity for great vision while at the same time focus on details. However, this major also focuses on environmental responsibility.

Like other career paths in architecture, you will need to be persistent and determined. This filed requires long hours of creating designs and plans. As an architect you will exhaust your creative energy making and remaking many designs before constructing. People skills are helpful when working on a team to design projects. Many architects also pull double-duty as a project manager, making leadership skills essential.


A degree in Architectural Sciences and Management provides students with a broad set of skills. Students will be able to work on an architectural firm as part of a team, manage a team themselves, or be self-employed. Most careers will be centered around environmentally friendly design and retrofitting. Students will have the ability to specialize in specific areas of interest to them.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Architectural Sciences & Technology might open up.

Architectural and Civil Drafters
Architectural and Engineering Managers
Architecture Teachers, Postsecondary
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