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Architecture (Other) Overview

Architecture is a huge field with many different concentrations and specialties. You can take the traditional path and become an architect working in a firm, or you can specialize and become an architectural engineer or an architectural teacher. There are many different careers that you can choose in this field.

Courses will vary depending on what you decide to specialize in, however there will many general classes that you will take in the architectural field. Some general courses may include three dimensional modeling, engineering, physics, drafting, mathematics, and working drawings.

Required Skills

As someone who wants to become an architect, you should be creative and determined. You need persistence when working with measurements and drawings, and patience with your teammates, your clients, or even your students. Architecture can be very tedious work, but it is very rewarding when it is finally accomplished.

Strong math skills are needed along with a clear understanding of physics and engineering. Students will need to conceptualize space and be alert to even the tiniest error. An architect should be ready to put in long hours. Though not an easy field, architects learn to appreciate the small break through moments. It is important to be self-confident in this field and to be able to take criticism in order to grow and develop as a professional.


There are many different career paths that can be chosen. Less traditional paths can include careers like teaching and architectural engineering. These careers allow for the incorporation of architecture to be taken in a more personal direction. Explore the options available to you and be sure to choose a school that has the program you desire.

An advanced degree may be necessary depending on your chosen career. It is important to know what you want to specialize in because some degrees are only available at a handful of U.S. colleges. This is a very rigorous and competitive field of study, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Depending on what you specialize in, employment opportunities can be high, such as in the field of Architectural Engineering. In other fields competition for jobs may be fierce. Salary will depend on your field, and whether you are self employed or work for an architectural firm.

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