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Real Estate Development Overview

Do you want to create and redevelop housing, offices, and business buildings? As a real estate development major you get to prepare for a career of creating new buildings and rebuilding existing structures. You find undeveloped or improperly developed property and convert it into something new and useful. This is a fast-paced and exciting career that rarely has down time.

The courses that are required are very broad and include many architectural topics such as landscape architect, design, and historic preservation. Other classes could include engineering, urban planning, public policy, real estate, finance, accounting, and business.

Required Skills

Working with undeveloped property takes creativity. As a real estate manager you must be imaginative and ready to create something new and fresh. It is also important that you are able to multi-task and can handle a fast-paced day. There are rarely two days where the same thing will happen. You must be confident and be ready to make bold decisions in order to be successful. This is not a job with constant stability.

As real estate developer you become the manger of physically built environment. It is imperative to manage many people while balancing the needs and interests of the clients involved. As the developer you envision the landscape that will turn into homes, civic areas, places of recreation and employment. You need to discover how we want to live and work and plan accordingly.


There are many different career paths you can take as a developer. The most traditional is to become a real estate developer. You could also work as a planner, developer, broker, or contractor worldwide. However, some people decide that real estate development is not for them because of the irregular income and potential risks associated with the lack of dependability. Other options include banking, construction financing, or even real estate sales. These professions tend to not be as profitable, but do offer more stability.

In order to be a leader and truly take the reigns as a developer, most students will go on to get their master's degree.

Graduates with a degree in Real Estate Development average N/A as a starting salary with a mid-career salary of N/A.

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