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Business, Management & Marketing (Other) Overview

Business is a wide field with many majors available depending on your interest. Students who major in Business, Management and Marketing, Other usually choose a niche area of study that is not reflected in the more common majors. One example of this is a specialization in Taxation.

Tax professionals work with individuals and companies to provide tax advice and management services. Taxation is a branch of accounting, and prepares students for personal as well as corporate services. The fact that taxes are a constant in our lives means that tax professionals are rarely without work. This is an ideal field for students who are good with numbers and interested in finance.

While focusing on this major, you will be taking courses in partnership tax, corporate tax, gift and estate tax, state and local tax, business law, finance, tax research, and tax planning. This major is typically offered as a Master's degree, after receiving Bachelors in Accounting; however a Taxation degree can be earned as a Bachelor's degree in some institutions.

Required Skills

Almost any area in business requires people skills as you are often interacting and working with others. Strong communication skills will help you sell your services or product, as well as create harmonious business relationships.

An interest in numbers and finance is also critical. A business cannot grow unless it is profitable. Someone who works in taxation will need advanced math skills as they take classes in accounting, business, calculus, and statistics. The ability to focus and pay close attention to details is also helpful in this major.


Graduates with a degree in Taxation can become a Tax Planner or Tax Examiner for the government or for various businesses. A Tax Auditor makes sure that tax deductions and credits are legal and verify that calculations are done correctly. These auditors work in the office, however will travel to meet clients. The demand for these professionals is rising significantly. Another career path you could follow is that of a Financial Analyst.

Students who explored other niche majors in the business field could work in sales, marketing, advertising, business strategy and consulting or become an entrepreneur. Business often attracts adventurous individuals who like to strike out on their own path.

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