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Business/Managerial Economics Overview

Whether or not your realize it, your lifestyle is determined by the market, whether that is the price of gas, or the cost of a new home or the wages you receive for your work. Everyone is involved in economic activity in some way or another. A business needs to be aware of the economics of the market in order to effectively sell their product. Some examples would be how many individuals they can afford to hire, or how selling inventory will affect the businesses bottom-line.

Majoring in Business and Managerial Economics educates students in how to use economic principles to analysis the organization and operation of business enterprises. Students take a mix of business and economic courses, such as Accounting, Financial marketing, Economics of regulation, Business policy and strategic management, and Econometrics. This major is commonly offered as a Bachelor's degree, however can be taken at an Associate's level.

Required Skills

Students should be prepared for the advanced math classes involved in this major. You will also be aided by an analytical and creative mind when solving difficult problems or coming up with new theories. There is an emphasis of group work in many of the classes you will be taking. Students will need to work on their people skills and time management. In order to prepare for this major, students are advised to take course in Macroeconomics, Statistics, Business, Calculus, and Computer applications.


Graduates of Business and Managerial Economics find themselves in several different career fields. These include Financial Mangers, Financial Analysts, Management Consultants, Top Executives, and Economists. All of these careers handle company's success in terms of profitability and growth. Financial Analysts analyze businesses and provide strategies to help them reach their financial goals. Economists analyze the factors that influence the market and study the selling and buying of products and services within the company. The job outlook for Economists is predicted to grow slowly through 2020.

Graduates can expect an average starting salary of $43,070 with a mid-career salary of $78,064.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Business/Managerial Economics might open up.

Economics Teachers, Postsecondary
Survey Researchers
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