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10 Quality & Affordable Business/Managerial Economics Schools

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Are you ready to jump-start your career with a degree in Business/Managerial Economics? Find a school that offers you quality outcomes without breaking the bank with this best value ranking. U.S. colleges saw 5,853 Business/Managerial Economics college students graduate with degrees in 2016. The average salary of a Business/Managerial Economics grad is $43,070 in their early career and $78,064 in mid-career. However, students report earning anywhere from $37,108 to $60,365 in their early career, and $65,943 to $113,120 in mid-career, depending on the program.

Business/Managerial Economics Schools Ranked by Quality for the Money

Get more for your money by pursuing this ranking of the "Best Business/Managerial Economics Schools for the Money". These rankings were created to help students like you discover quality and affordable options. We create all of our rankings with outcomes in mind. See the full ranking methodology.

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Brigham Young University - Provo is the top choice for individuals interested in pursuing a Business/Managerial Economics major. The surrounding area of a major city is tremendous for students seeking out considerable possibilities for social networking, adventure, and life.

The student body at Brigham Young University - Provo is very diverse and welcomes undergraduates from over 50 U.S. states and 42 nations around the world. With a low price and excellent education, Brigham Young University - Provo is a good bargain, earning a rank of #1 in Utah. Where is Brigham Young University - Provo doing the best? Check out all the school's rankings.

It's hard to beat University of Wyoming if you want to pursue Business/Managerial Economics as a major. Managerial economics majors from University of Wyoming get a earnings boost of approximately 0.8% over the typical income of managerial economics majors. Laramie, Wyoming delivers a quaint small-town ambiance for students to learn in.

Roughly 92.0% of applicants submit ACT scores, with the typical score being in the 24 range. The student body at this school is highly diverse and includes undergraduates from over 44 states and territories and at least 44 countries. In what areas is U of Wyoming really succeeding? Check out all of the college rankings.

SUNY Oneonta is a good decision for students pursuing a Business/Managerial Economics degree. Students who get pleasure from a more slow-paced life will enjoy the school's position in the modest town of Oneonta, New York.

This school's default rate of 3.0% is far below the average of 7.0%. Around 88.0% of SUNY Oneonta applicants submit their SAT scores, which average around 1,085. Take a virtual tour to learn more about SUNY Oneonta's campus.

Berry College is among your best bets if you're planning on studying Business/Managerial Economics. Managerial economics majors from Berry College receive an earnings boost of around 10.0% above the average earnings of managerial economics graduates. Students who appreciate the tranquility of country life may enjoy the rural region of Mount Berry, Georgia.

About 44.0% of Berry applicants send their SAT scores, which average about 1,145. With 82.7% of the teachers being full time, students are sure to get plenty of face time with professors. Videos from Berry can be a good way to explore college.

Any student pursuing a degree in Business/Managerial Economics has to take a look at Wofford College. Positioned in Spartanburg, South Carolina, this college is best suited for learners who flourish in an urban atmosphere.

This school has a superior retention rate, with 87.0% of first years returning for their sophomore year. Merely 2.0% of Wofford College graduates have defaulted on their student loans. That's notable, considering the default average is 7.0%. The scorecard offers a great overview of Wofford.

University of Georgia is one of the finest schools in the country for Business/Managerial Economics. Graduates from the business/managerial economics major at University of Georgia get 4.9% more than the typical college graduate in this field. The location in a main city is tremendous for young people seeking ample options for networking, excitement, and life.

At least 85.0% of the instructors at UGA have full-time hours, so they have ample time to give attention to their students. This institution is an excellent value for students in Georgia. Ever wish colleges had a report card? Now they are. Take a look at University of Georgia's scorecard.

Wheaton College Illinois is a good decision for students pursuing a Business/Managerial Economics degree. Students who graduate from this program report average early career wages of managerial economics and mid-career wages of $82,030. The locale of Wheaton, Illinois, is wonderful for individuals who favor a quieter, suburban place.

There is a grad program obtainable for those who are intrigued. Wheaton College Illinois graduates are generally being successful in the world as they are much less likely to default on their student loans compared to grads from other schools. Watch some school videos to explore what being on campus is like.

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Oklahoma State University - Main Campus is among your best bets if you're planning on studying Business/Managerial Economics. Students who graduate from the managerial economics program make around $45,319 in the first five years of working and $76,743 after their first five years of working. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Oklahoma State University - Main Campus' location in the small town of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Quite a few Oklahoma State students receive scholarships. High quality education for veterans and military members has earned Oklahoma State University - Main Campus top marks. Interested in knowing more about Oklahoma State University - Main Campus' campus? Take a virtual tour.

CUNY Bernard M Baruch College is a good decision for individuals interested in a Business/Managerial Economics major. CUNY Bernard M Baruch College business/managerial economics graduates make 8.5% more than the average managerial economics graduate. New York, New York is the perfect area for college students who relish the busy city life.

If you're interested in CUNY Bernard M Baruch College, better study hard. The usual SAT score of applicants is 1,230. Parents, you'll be glad to learn CUNY Bernard M Baruch College features a relatively low crime rate. Go on a virtual tour to learn more about CUNY Bernard M Baruch College.

Any student who is interested in Business/Managerial Economics has to take a look at Xavier University. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, this university is optimum for young people who flourish in an urban setting.

Excellent education for student vets has earned Xavier University a high rating. Xavier University supports networking amongst students and their educators, as evidenced by its 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio. View a few school videos to discover what is happening on campus.

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