Highest Paid in 2020: Communication & Media Studies Graduates in Florida

Florida Colleges & Universities with the Highest Paid Communication & Media Studies Grads

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The normal Communication & Media Studies salary starting out is $37,104 per year. If you select among the colleges here, there’s a good chance your salary will be above average.

Find the Best Schools in the State When it Comes to High Pay for Communications Grads

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University of Miami is among your top options if you want to study Communication & Media Studies. Students from the Communication & Media Studies program at University of Miami earn 9.6% above the standard college graduate with the same degree. This school is situated in the suburban area of Coral Gables, Florida, near to stores and other entertainment.

About 91.0% of first-year students return to this school for their following year of school. With 78.4% of the educators working full time, students are sure to get plenty of interaction with teachers. Look at a few school videos for more information on what is happening on campus.

Nova Southeastern University is one of the finest schools in the U.S. for Communication & Media Studies. Grads of the communications program report average early career income of communications and mid-career income of $67,555. The neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is great for learners who desire a less busy, suburban region.

With the diverse campus at Nova Southeastern University, you will have numerous chances to interact with students from all walks of life. By offering educational funding to 84.0% of its students,this school helps you avoid as much student debt as possible. Take a virtual tour to explore Nova Southeastern University's campus.

Florida Atlantic University is a wonderful option for students pursuing a Communication & Media Studies degree. Communications students from Florida Atlantic University earn a boost of around 1.6% over the typical income of communication & media studies majors. Prefer a sizable student body? This college has over 20,000 students on campus.

This school offers graduate degree programs for students who would like to carry on after achieving a bachelor's degree. This school is thought to be a good option for those in the military. Interested in learning a little more about Florida Atlantic University's campus? Go on a virtual tour.

It's hard to find a better school than Florida International University if you want to study Communication & Media Studies. Graduates of the communications program report average early career earnings of communications and mid-career earnings of $66,360. This school is one of the largest schools in Florida.

This institution tries to keep costs reasonable for students. The average undergraduate leaves the university with just $23,812 in student loans. There is an advanced degree program accessible for those who are curious. Obtain all the vital specifics on FIU by looking at their scorecard.

It's difficult to beat Jacksonville University if you want to study Communication & Media Studies. Graduates of the communications program report average early career wages of communications and mid-career wages of $64,489. Positioned in Jacksonville, Florida, this university is best suited for students who prosper in a city atmosphere.

Many Jacksonville University first-year students are given scholarships. Jacksonville University has earned a top rating for education quality delivered to veterans and active-duty military. A virtual tour could be an easy way to explore Jacksonville University.

Rollins College is among your best bets if you want to study Communication & Media Studies. Rollins College communication & media studies majors make 0.2% more than the standard communications graduate. Located in Winter Park, Florida, Rollins supplies a safe, suburban atmosphere for scholars.

You will be able to meet others from a lot of cultures first-hand, thanks to Rollins' diverse population. Considering the fact that 7.0% of student loan borrowers have defaulted, Rollins' default rate of 5.0% is impressive. Videos from Rollins can be a good way to explore college.

Florida Institute of Technology is one of the best schools in the U.S. for Communication & Media Studies. Melbourne, Florida is an excellent area for learners who like the fast-paced city life.

Sports enthusiasts will enjoy watching the school's top-ranked men's baseball team as they play at home and on the road. Roughly 53.9% of the teachers at this school are full-time and have regular office hours, so they will be more available to help. Take a virtual tour to learn more about Florida Tech's campus.

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Every student pursuing a degree in Communication & Media Studies needs to take a look at Stetson University. Stetson University is situated in the suburban area of DeLand, Florida, near to stores and other amusement.

Due to the diverse population at Stetson, you should have a lot of opportunities to learn from individuals from many cultures. Stetson has an impressive student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1, so students have lots of chances to network with their teachers. Videos from Stetson are a good way to explore university.

It's hard to beat Barry University if you want to pursue Communication & Media Studies as a major. The destination of Miami, Florida, is nice for learners who prefer a less busy, suburban place.

Barry University's 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio is one of the top in the country. This school is thought to be a good choice for veterans. Where is Barry University really succeeding? Check out all of the school's rankings.

University of South Florida - Main Campus is a wonderful decision for students pursuing a Communication & Media Studies degree. Tampa, Florida is an appropriate environment for college students who get pleasure from the active urban lifestyle.

At least 74.0% of the professors at USF Tampa have full-time hours, so they have lots of time to focus on their students. About 44.3% of students graduate on time at this school, which is greater than the national average of 37.0%. In what areas is USF Tampa really succeeding? Look into all of the college rankings.

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