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Communications Technologies and Support is a growing field that gives students the ability to combine their technical side with their passion for creative communication. Students take classes in areas such as computer design, drawing, photography, art, lighting, sound mixing, and film to learn all aspects of their desired career.

Some majors within the Communications Technologies and Support field include Communications Technology, Audiovisual Communications, and Graphic Communications. There are specific areas of specialization within these majors that allow students to hone in on their desired interest.

Required Skills

Since you will be working in the communications field, strong interpersonal skills are required. You must be able to communicate effectively with both colleagues and those who will be receiving your message. Other necessary skills include creativity, attention to detail, and proficiency with computer software.

Workweeks and hours vary depending on the type of job you have within the field. Typically, professionals work full time with extended hours during the week or on weekends while working on projects.

Internships and experience are important within the Communications Technologies field. Some jobs can be competitive and those with previous experience are more likely to be hired or promoted. Internships also give students the ability to build a professional portfolio of their previous work to show to potential clients and employers.


There are a wide variety of careers available to a Communications Technologies major. Those with a specialization in animation or film may decide to work for a television or motion picture studio while graphic designers or graphic communications professionals may choose to go into advertising or work as a freelancer. A degree within this field will provide graduates with the necessary skills to confidently pursue numerous career paths.

Depending on the career path you choose, jobs are growing at either a slower than average or average pace. Graduates can expect an average starting salary of $38,673 and a mid-career salary of $64,254.


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  • Yearly Graduations
    (online) 884
    (associate) 763
    (bachelor) 4,778
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Audiovisual Communications Average N/AN/A
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Graphic Communications High N/AN/A

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