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Communication Technology (Other) Overview

There are many different career possibilities within Communication Technologies. Students may decide to work in printing, movie or television filming. Along with these more obvious choices there are many other places where communications support is needed.

Graphic Design is a growing field that might interest you. You have the ability to communicate through your designs while still staying in touch with your passion for art. The curriculum includes drawing, web design, animation, and photography classes that teach the basics of graphic design. You will also learn how to use computer software and other equipment utilized within this career.

Required Skills

Those who are interested in a career in graphic design and other areas of communication technology are creative and pay close attention to detail. Graphic designers are responsible for creating interesting and innovative designs never before seen while delivering a message for the viewer. Strong computer and interpersonal skills are also necessary for a successful career.

Work hours vary depending on where you work. Those who work for companies will have an average workweek while self-employed designers make their own hours. There may be times when lengthy projects lead to extended hours or work on the weekends.

Those pursuing a career in graphic design should work to gain experience through an internship. This will allow you to master the software used in graphic design and begin building a professional profile to show potential customers or employers. Experience in this field is necessary before advancing to higher positions.


Graduates of Communication Technology have the ability to choose multiple routes. Graphic Design graduates have gone into advertising, video game design, and publishing. There are also a large percentage of graphic designers who are self-employed.

Careers in graphic design are growing at an average rate meaning there should be many job openings available to graduates. However, senior level positions will be highly competitive. Experience in the field and a strong portfolio will help give graduates an edge while job searching.

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