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Educational Administration Overview

Would you describe yourself as the teacher's pet? If you find the field of education fascinating and rewarding, you might want a career as a principal or superintendent. A major in Educational Administration will be the ideal preparation for this career. In this major you will be prepared to lead schools ranging from elementary to high school level. This path is can be very different from classroom teaching. You manage the day to day operations of the school and help the school move towards the set goals and objectives.

This major will require you to take classes such as counseling, education, law, curriculum development, ethics, management and psychology.

There are many different concentrations under this major. Some of the more popular concentrations are Educational Leadership and Administration, Adult and Continuing Education, Curriculum Supervision, Higher Education Administration, and Elementary and Middle School Administration.

Required Skills

As an administrator or principal you need excellent communication and leadership skills. As a person in the leadership position you will be managing resources, personnel, and school finance and law. Administrators must be organized, computer savvy and up-to-date on recent technology.

As well as being an effective leader to your staff, you will also make decisions that impact the school. As an administrator you will share your perspective and ideas on factors like politics and economics. You will use others to help develop your ideas and broaden your perspectives. You need to have an open mind to hear others, but also have the ability to make hard decisions. Those who do well in this field have a heard for service as well as a vision of the future of education. This person should also be someone who likes to take charge and have ideas on how to get their vision accomplished.


As an educational administrator you can become a principal, superintendent, or another type of school official. You may also work in law or school policy. In order to become an educational administrator, you need a minimum of your master's degree and a certain number of years as a teacher. This career is growing about as fast as average and will increase by about 10 percent by 2020. There may be more room for growth in for-profit schools.

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Education Administrators, All Other
Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School
Education Administrators, Postsecondary
Education Administrators, Preschool and Childcare Center/Program
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