Architectural Engineering Technology
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Architectural Engineering Technology Overview

Behind every great building and skyscraper there is an architectural engineer technician. The planning and drafting that takes place is commonly credited to the architect, however architectural engineer technicians are the backbone of the theses creations. A program in Architectural Engineering Technologies prepares students to apply technical skills and engineering principles to assist architects, planners, and engineers to design and develop buildings and cities. Students will develop skills in engineering drawing, building site analysis, analyzing prototypes of mechanical and interior systems, as well as model building and computer graphics.

This major brings together the elements of both building design and construction. Classes focus on engineering, math, science and construction, as well as architectural history and design. Course load for this field includes construction materials and methods, energy conservation in buildings, and architectural design fundamentals.

Architectural Engineering Technologies is available as a Bachelors and Associate's degree. Those who are seeking entry level positions in the field would consider obtaining an Associate's, however if you are more interested in advanced positions you might consider a Bachelor's degree. While this profession generates a respectable salary, receiving a Bachelor's degree will also increase your earnings and lead to more potential job advancement.

Required Skills

This field draws individuals who are both highly creative and interested in technology. Students should be interested in math and science, and be resourceful problem solvers. To prepare for this field, a course load in geometry, chemistry, and engineering concepts would be beneficial. Summer projects and internships are another way for students to explore what this field has to offer.


A degree in Architectural Engineering Technology allows students to assist the process of designing and developing buildings, urban complexes, and related systems. Graduates often find themselves on a team of developers and architects. These technicians have the responsibilities of selecting materials used, approximating project costs and determining the economic testing of the building's mechanical and electrical systems. Their job is to oversee that the projects run smoothly and technical aspects are addressed. Architectural Engineering Technicians are in high demand. This profession has had the greatest increase in jobs of all engineering technician fields.

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