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Civil Engineering Technology Overview

Take a moment to look around you to observe buildings, roads, bridges and other impressive structures. Civil Engineering Technicians get to have a hand in producing these magnificent structures that make our modern life possible. A major in Civil Engineering Technology trains students to apply technical skills and engineering principles to aid civil engineers in the development of tunnels, bridges, highways, and other projects. This program will teach students aspects of construction, drafting projects, test equipment operation and maintenance, design work, and surveying.

While there is a major focus on engineering and construction course, students are also exposed to classes such as engineering economics, environmental awareness, statics, and geology and geophysics for engineers.

This major is available as either a Bachelor's degree or Associates. Those who pursue a Bachelors will typically have greater job opportunities and higher earnings, as well as have the opportunity to design or manage projects, rather than simply assisting. Those completing an Associate's Degree may need more experience or on-the-job training in order to qualify for positions.

Required Skills

Students interested in the field of Civil Engineering Technology should have strong math and science skills. Civil Engineering Technicians are creative problem solvers and enjoy a hands-on approach to learning and working. Patience and persistence are valuable personality traits when working long hours on big projects. However, you must also have the ability to anticipate complications and make quick decisions.

In order to prepare for this major, students are encouraged to take courses focusing on mathematics and science. These courses might include physics, calculus and chemistry. If you are interested in perusing a career in this field it is valuable to gain work experience or participate in an internship or apprenticeship.


A Civil Engineering Technician assists the Civil Engineer by helping to plan and draft projects. Most work is primarily done in the office; however there are some on-sight visits when construction is taking place. Technicians commonly examine construction sites, draft plans, and create reports. There has been a significant growth for the demand of Civil Engineering Technicians over the past few years, and this demand is predicted to increase. The need to repair and rebuild existing structures, as well as create new ones is in high demand.

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