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Computer Engineering Technology Overview

Technology is rapidly changing and growing. New software and devices are constantly emerging in the market due to the work of Computer Engineers and Computer Engineering Technicians. Majoring in Computer Engineering Technology will teach you the technical skills you need to help computer engineers design computer hardware, software and peripheral systems. This major combines the knowledge of scientific, engineering, and computer skills to create real-world solutions to issues.

Students will learn how to assist engineers in design, developing, and innovating modern computer-based applications. Courses within this major include Data Communication Systems, Communications Circuits, Microprocessor Architecture, and Advanced Microcomputer Networks.

Some of the concentrations available within this major are Computer Systems Technology, Computer Software Technology, and Computer Hardware Technology. This major is often taken as a Bachelors degree; however it can be taken as an Associate's degree.

Required Skills

To be successful in Computer Engineering Technology computer and scientific skills are required. Creative minds tend to be drawn to this major because of how innovative this field is. In order to prepare for this major, you should seek classes in computer science and computer drafting. If you are interested in perusing a career in this field you should apply for internship opportunities in order to gain experience.


Students who complete a degree in Computer Engineering Technology commonly become Computer Technicians, Help Desk Managers, PC Support Technicians, Engineering Assistants, and Field Service Technicians. These jobs all require large amounts of computer knowledge and skill. They will work with innovating software and hardware and fixing existing problems. The demand for trained workers in this field is in very high. Due to the rapidly developing computers and other forms of technology, jobs in Computer Engineering Technology predicted to increase.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Computer Engineering Technology might open up.

Computer Programmers
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians
Engineering Technicians, Except Drafters, All Other
Software Developers, Applications
Software Developers, Systems Software
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