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General Engineering Technology Overview

Do you enjoy building things and solving problems? Ever wonder how things work? The many objects we take for granted every day are a direct result of the work of many dedicating Engineering Technicians working to assist Engineers by testing materials, drafting reports and creating plans. Engineering Technology focuses on the technical aspects of engineering. A curiosity for the way things operate is what inspires engineering technology. Collecting data and conducting experiments, building and designing new ideas for products are all things that a student in engineering technology would learn.

Course load for this field includes automated manufacturing technology, computers for engineering technology, construction methodology and procedures, and technical drawing. This major can be completed as an Associates or Bachelors.

Required Skills

An absorbing interest in the way things work is crucial for success, as well as creativity and a hands-on approach to learning. Knowledge of mathematics and science are essential for this major. Heavily focused on these two foundations, an individual with a love for analyzing and problem solving could be very successful in this field.

Although not required, you can prepare for the major by taking classes in high school on electronics, physics, computer science, and calculus; this allows you to get a taste of what engineering technology encompasses.


A degree in Engineering Technology provides students with a broad set of skills. Entering the workforce, students will be prepared to assist engineers to develop and manufacture new products and services. Engineer technicians will draw up drafts for projects; conduct lab experiments and solve complex problems and make new discoveries. With the growth for newer and better technology, the need for Engineering Technicians is predicted to grow. Salaries will vary depending on what industry you find work in.

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