Nuclear Engineering Technology
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Nuclear Engineering Technology Overview

A major in Nuclear Engineering Technology allows you to study engineering principles and technical skills in order to support engineers and other professionals working with nuclear materials. Students will learn about operating nuclear facilities, nuclear applications and safety procedures. Along with this, you will be introduced to nuclear systems, radiological safety, radiological applications, nuclear plant and systems design, and nuclear science. This is an exciting field to be in with a bright career outlook.

Students who chose a path in Nuclear Engineering Technology will be exposed to courses in Engineering of Nuclear Reactors, Superconducting Magnets, Physical Metallurgy, and Nuclear Reactor Safety. These courses will all teach students the fundamentals behind the nuclear industry. This major is typically offered as an Associate's degree, however at some institutions can be offered as a Bachelors.

Required Skills

Mathematical skills are extremely important for this major. Along with this skill, physics plays a major role in this field. The nuclear industry in becoming increasingly significant in our society therefore a love of technology and innovation is extremely important.

Nuclear Engineering Technology integrates knowledge in mathematics and science to the safe applications of nuclear principles; attention to detail and problem solving are critical skills. In order to prepare for this major students are advised to take courses in physics, algebra, and computer science. If possible, an internship would be a positive experience to gain experience for students.


Nuclear Technicians operate nuclear research and test equipment, observe radiation, and help nuclear engineers and physicists. In addition, this major allows for a foundation to become a Nuclear medicine technologist. These technicians prepare radioactive drugs and admitters them to patients with ongoing scans. The job outlook for this field is positive. With the growing number of production existing at nuclear power plants and new nuclear power plant operations, there is an increasing demand for these technicians.

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