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Engineering Technology (Other) Overview

A major in Engineerint Technology, Other usually involves choosing a unique specilization. Some examples of this would be Industrial & Management Engineering, Engineering Design and Packaging Science. These concentrations are different from each other, but all are important to the Engineering Field. The study of Industrial & Management Engineering encompasses engineering principles to plan and operate the management of industrial and manufacture operations. Students will learn about industrial psychology, quality control, operations research, engineering economics, and environmental program management.

Packaging Science teaches students the scientific, technological, business, and design principles to develop packages and packaging material. Raw material production, design, post-use recycling, distribution, and usable forms are some of the subjects discussed. Students of this concentration will learn about graphic design, business and marketing, and materials science.

Engineering Design prepare students to use mathematic and scientific principles to solve complex problems when it comes to designing a product. Engineering Design Technicians find work assisting engineers in designing and building structures, devices, applications or programs.

While pursuing these concentrations students will take courses in Quality control, Industrial psychology, Engineering economy, and Humans resources management. This major is offered at an Associates and Bachelor's degree.

Required Skills

The ability to manage and work alongside others is critical to this major. Mathematical and scientific skills are helpful in order to succeed in this field. Creativity and innovation are two traits that would help students develop and understand many engineering principles. In order to prepare for these concentrations students are advised to take classes in accounting, business, calculus, and physics. An internship or job shadowing would be beneficial to students interested in this field, in order to gain knowledge and job experience.


With a degree in Engineering-Related Fields, graduates can get a job in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Production Managers, and Sales Engineering. Industrial and Management Engineer Technicians are not in high demand, however they are still important for various industries in order to reduce cost and increase efficiency in the workplace. Some other industries graduates can find work in include cosmetics, electronics, food and beverage, and industrial items.

Graduates with a degree in Packaging Science can expect a career in package design and development, production, research, and sales and marketing. The industry demands its graduates have strong business backgrounds and creativity. Packaging is the third largest industry in the nation, making this a career with good job opportunities.

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