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Listed here you'll come across Massachusetts' finest quality colleges for Electrical Engineering degree programs for the investment. In 2016 453 Electrical Engineering undergraduate students graduated with bachelor degrees from degree programs in Massachusetts. These grads will earn an average income of $61,394, starting out. Generally, the mid-career salary would increase to $103,601.

Massachusetts Schools Ranked by a Quality Electrical Engineering Education for the Money

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology is among your top options if you're planning on studying Electrical Engineering. Students from the electrical engineering degree program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology make 19.5% above the the average college grad with the same degree. Cambridge, Massachusetts is an excellent location for young people who relish the busy city life.

This college is considered an excellent option for veterans and military members. About 98.0% of first-year students return to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for their sophomore year of school. Go on a virtual tour to explore more about MIT.

Every student pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering has to look into University of Massachusetts Amherst. Students who graduate from the ee program earn an average of $61,115 in their early career salary and $114,527 in their mid-career salary. With over 20,000 students, this school is among the biggest schools in the nation.

With 80.8% of the educators working full time, students are certain to get lots of interaction with teachers. Considering the fact that 7.0% of borrowers are in default, UMass Amherst's default rate of 4.0% is impressive. Where is University of Massachusetts Amherst doing the best? Take a look at all the school's rankings.

It is difficult to beat Worcester Polytechnic Institute if you wish to pursue Electrical Engineering as a major. Grads of the ee program state that they receive average early career earnings of ee and mid-career earnings of $115,780. Worcester, Massachusetts is the best environment for learners who relish the fast moving urban lifestyle.

There is a graduate program obtainable for students who are intrigued. WPI has been rated among the best for quality of education for veterans and active-duty military. Take a look at all of Worcester Polytechnic Institute's rankings to know more about the college.

Western New England University is a wonderful choice for students pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree. The setting in a major urban center is wonderful for young people seeking ample possibilities for networking, adventure, and discovery.

Around 21.0% of students send ACT scores, with the average score in the 24 range. Because of Western New England University's fantastic four-year graduation rate of 47.1%, students usually accumulate significantly less debt compared to what they would at other institutions. Find all of the crucial facts on Western New England by checking out their scorecard.

University of Massachusetts - Lowell is among your best bets if you're planning on studying Electrical Engineering. Grads of the ee program state that they receive average early career income of ee and mid-career income of $104,426. Based in Lowell, Massachusetts, UMass Lowell delivers a safe, suburban atmosphere for scholars.

Powerful assistance for student vets has earned University of Massachusetts - Lowell top marks. 86.0% of freshman students come back for their 2nd year of school. Where is University of Massachusetts - Lowell doing the best? Look into all the college rankings.

It is hard to beat University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth if you wish to study Electrical Engineering. Positioned in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, UMass Dartmouth offers a safe, suburban experience for scholars.

With 65.3% of the teachers being full time, students are sure to get plenty of face time with professors. The typical scholarship amount awarded to freshman students is $5,123 with 69.0% of freshman students receiving some form of scholarship. Get a better idea of what student life at UMass Dartmouth is like by viewing some campus videos.

Any student pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering needs to take a look at Tufts University. Graduates from the electrical engineering major at Tufts University get 27.5% more than the typical college grad in this field. This school is located in the suburban area of Medford, Massachusetts, close to shops and other entertainment.

At least 65.0% of the instructors at Tufts have full-time hours, so they have lots of time to give attention to their students. Due to the fact the average SAT score of this school's applicants is around 1,445, admissions officers can afford to be selective. Take a deeper dive to see just how well Tufts ranks in other categories.

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It's hard to find a better school than Boston University if you wish to pursue Electrical Engineering as a major. Graduates from the electrical engineering degree program at Boston University make 3.6% above the the typical college grad in this field. Boston, Massachusetts is an ideal area for students who like the active urban lifestyle.

Considering 21.5% of Boston U's campus comes from outside the United States, you'll have lots of chances to interact with undergraduates from all over the globe. Roughly 66.1% of the educators at Boston University are full-time and have regular office hours, so they are more available to help. Check out every one of Boston University's rankings to learn more about the college.

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