Highest Paid Electrical Engineering Graduates in 2018

The 10 Best Colleges & Universities for Highly Paid Electrical Engineering Graduates

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It seems Electrical Engineering is a more specialized major with roughly 16,114 graduations a year. These graduates can expect an average starting salary of $61,394 each year.

On average, Electrical Engineering graduates earn 42.0% more than other grads.Pick one of the top schools in the rankings and give your earning potential a boost. Often a highly ranked school is top in other categories as well. Check out the schools below and see what else makes them stand out.

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The list below ranks colleges with the highest paid Electrical Engineering graduates. Our rankings are generated using a certain methodology to rank starting and mid career salary data.

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Princeton University is the top choice for students considering an Electrical Engineering degree. Princeton University electrical engineering students receive 35.1% more than the standard ee graduate. It is placed in the suburban area of Princeton, New Jersey.

98.0% of freshmen return for their sophomore year of school.International students don't have to worry about being out of place mainly because 11.2% of Princeton's undergraduates come from other countries. A virtual tour is a good way to learn more about Princeton University.

United States Naval Academy is a good choice for students pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree. Ee majors from United States Naval Academy earn a boost of approximately 33.3% over the average earnings of electrical engineering majors. This school is located in the suburban area of Annapolis, Maryland, near to shops and other amusement.

Annapolis' 9:1 student-to-faculty ratio is one of the best in the country.Around 84.3% of the professors at this school are full-time and have regular office hours, so they are more available to students. Videos from Annapolis can be a great way to learn more about school.

Yale University is among your top options if you want to study Electrical Engineering. Students from the Electrical Engineering major at Yale University get 33.1% above the average college grad with the same degree. The setting in a large urban center is great for students seeking out considerable options for social networking, excitement, and exploration.

Yale University has one of the best graduation rates in the nation, with 87.4% of students completing their degree in four years.Yale's 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio is among the very best in the United States. Where is Yale University doing the best? Look into all the school's rankings.

It's hard to beat University of California - Berkeley if you want to pursue Electrical Engineering as a major. After graduating, EE students typically earn an average of $79,634 in the first five years of their career. The location in a major urban center is great for young people seeking ample possibilities for networking, adventure, and exploration.

Around 87.0% of UC Berkeley applicants send their SAT scores, which average around 1,370.You might want to invest in an ACT prep course before taking the exam since the usual ACT score is 32. Interested in learning more about University of California - Berkeley's campus? Go on a virtual tour.

University of Pennsylvania is a wonderful choice for individuals interested in an Electrical Engineering major. Ee majors from University of Pennsylvania get a earnings boost of around 28.6% above the average earnings of electrical engineering graduates. University of Pennsylvania is among the largest schools in Pennsylvania.

54.0% of students at University of Pennsylvania acquire educational funding, so don't forget to complete the FAFSA!Graduates of University of Pennsylvania usually do not have problems paying back their student debt; just 1.0% are in default. Want to learn more about University of Pennsylvania's campus? Take a virtual tour.

Carnegie Mellon University is a great decision for individuals interested in an Electrical Engineering major. Students from the Electrical Engineering major at Carnegie Mellon University get 27.5% more than the standard college grad with the same degree. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this institution is a very good option for students who enjoy the thrill of a significant city.

About 79.1% of the instructors at Carnegie Mellon University are full-time and get normal office hours, so they tend to be more accessible to students.Carnegie Mellon University is known for the success of military students and is ranked 237 best in the United States for veterans. If you're interested in finding out more, you will find every one of Carnegie Mellon University's rankings here.

Tufts University is among your top options if you're planning on studying Electrical Engineering. Students from the Electrical Engineering program at Tufts University earn 27.5% more than the typical college grad with the same degree. The location of Medford, Massachusetts, is great for college students who desire a less busy, suburban area.

Tufts University is a great choice for general biology majors. Graduates go on to earn incomes that are higher than average.International students need not be worried about sticking out mainly because 8.0% of Tufts' undergraduates originate from countries outside the U.S.. Look at every one of Tufts University's rankings to learn more.

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It's hard to find a better school than Cornell University if you wish to study Electrical Engineering. After graduation, EE students usually make around $84,048 in their early careers. This school is one of the largest schools in New York.

You may want to study hard for your SAT; the standard score of applicants to Cornell is 1,420.In addition to this school being one of the very best institutions in New York, 64.2% of its students are from out-of-state. Videos from Cornell could be a great way to get more info on the university.

Lamar University is a wonderful option for students pursuing an Electrical Engineering degree. Graduates from the Electrical Engineering degree program at Lamar University make 24.5% above the typical college graduate in this field. Situated in Beaumont, Texas, this university is best suited for students who prosper in a city atmosphere.

This school has excellent value for students in Texas.Graduates with social work degrees from Lamar University are top earners in their field. For additional information, check out the college scorecard.

University of Notre Dame is among your top options if you're planning on studying Electrical Engineering. Ee majors from University of Notre Dame receive an earnings boost of about 24.4% above the typical income of electrical engineering graduates. Positioned in Notre Dame, Indiana, supplies a comfortable, suburban environment for young people.

About 98.0% of first-year students return to University of Notre Dame for their sophomore year.University of Notre Dame does not require freshmen to live on-campus. Ever wish colleges were graded with a report card? Now they are. Have a look at University of Notre Dame's scorecard.


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