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Engineering Chemistry Overview

Do you like problem solving and learning how things work? Are you fascinated by the chemical reactions of substances? A major in Engineering Chemistry will help you explore your interests.

Students who major in Engineering Chemistry learn about two different fields and the way these fields interact. You will take classes on topics such as chemistry, biochemical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, and biology to learn the skills to use chemistry to solve engineering problems. You will graduate with the ability to aid the development of electronic materials, troubleshoot manufacturing dilemmas, lead projects while collaborating with engineering management, and much more.

Required Skills

Engineering Chemistry students should have a strong background in math and science. Previous experience in these fields will help students start using these principles in everyday situations. Strong analytical and deductive reasoning skills will allow students to analyze issues within the engineering field and help create various solutions. Teamwork and communication skills will aid students as they work in teams to observe engineering systems and solve any issues.

Graduates who pursue a career in Engineering Chemistry can expect to work full time, often in a laboratory or office setting. Occasionally, professionals will have to travel to make onsite observations, improve or maintain engineering systems.

Employers place an emphasis on previous relevant experience making internships, summer jobs, or participation in cooperative engineering programs beneficial to students. Some colleges or universities will have summer programs that allow students to travel to other areas of the country or world while learning more about the field.

Although a bachelor's degree will allow for Engineering Chemistry graduates to work entry-level jobs, many will continue their education to receive a master's. This advanced degree along with previous experience will allow professions to perform research and development or possibly attain a higher payer job.


Graduates with a degree in Engineering Chemistry work in a variety of locations. Since engineering is a large part of many industries, graduates have the ability to go into many different professions. They are equipped with the skills to employ chemistry to solve engineering problems, making their skills useful in fields such as architecture, engineering, chemical manufacturing, medical manufacturing, and scientific research.

With this field growing at a slower than average rate, graduates will face competition when searching for jobs after graduation. Since the demand for engineering chemists varies depending on the demand for certain products, employment in certain industries may be higher than others.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Engineering Chemistry might open up.

Architectural and Engineering Managers
Chemical Engineers
Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary
Engineers, All Other
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