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Engineering Mechanics Overview

Do you love learning how things work? A major in Engineering Mechanics will prepare you for a career where you can design, analyze and build structures and machines. Students will study physics to apply Newton's laws of motion to real-life scenarios. You will know the effects of forces and torques on particles and rigid bodies and use these concepts to analyze safety, stability, and design. Through your studies you will learn the mechanics of motion and the strength of different materials. With this degree you will be able to research, design, develop, test, and manufacture different products.

In this major you will take advanced mathematics courses like calculus and statistics courses along with basic computer courses. You will also take courses in physics, thermodynamics, kinetics, chemistry, quantum mechanics, and fluid mechanics.

There are very limited number of schools who offer this major, so if this interests you make sure the schools you look at will allow you to graduate with a degree in engineering mechanics.

Required Skills

This is not an easy major. You should be ready to spend long hours in the lab working. Dedicating many hours to finding more efficient methods of solving problems should be something that excites you. Making things work better, more efficiently, quickly and less expensively will be part of your job.

As an engineering mechanic student, you will be asked to work hard in order to get background in engineering and then you will apply your knowledge in the real-world. You will learn how to apply methods and formulas to actual experiences. Many schools will require an internship or a co-op program so that you are able to get hands-on experience in this field. A co-op program is alternating semester of work and school. This is so that you can prepare yourself for a professional career.


With a degree in engineering mechanics, you can go into many different areas. Depending on your interests you may work in transportation, power generation, energy conversion, environmental control, or biomechanics and you will be prepared to work in a number of functional areas. This is degree is applicable to wide range of needs and is one of the broadest engineering disciplines.

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Architectural and Engineering Managers
Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary
Engineers, All Other
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