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Engineering Physics Overview

A major of Engineering Physics focuses on the use of physics when analyzing and evaluating engineering problems. You will learn computational physics, superconductivity, applied thermodynamics, how materials react in high and low temperature, and space science research. By blending physics and engineering you will learn how these areas support and interact with each other. This knowledge will allow you to become a master problem solver.

Courses you may across in engineering physics include: physics, calculus, statistics, strength of material, chemistry of materials, algebra, chemistry, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and electricity and magnetism.

Required Skills

Studying physics and engineering is a challenge reserved for the boldest and brightest of students. Be prepared to work hard in your classes and don't be intimidated to ask for help from either your classmates or your professors. All your hard work will pay off as you will get to engage in fascinating research ranging from topics such as space science, thermodynamics or nuclear engineering.

As a student you will get to practice and learn how to use high tech equipment in the lab. Through experiments and research you will be prepared to create engineering solutions through your enhanced understanding of the both physics and engineering. You should also be prepared to work on your communication skills so that you can clearly articulate your findings.


You have many careers you could pursue with an engineering physics degree. You could get a position in research or development at a high technology industry or you could find a job in a national laboratory or at a university. If you continue on in education you could land a job as a staff engineer, a scientist, or even a technical director. You could also earn your master's degree in business, law, or go to medical school. This degree is flexible and the skills you learn during undergrad can be applied to many different topics.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Engineering Physics might open up.

Architectural and Engineering Managers
Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary
Engineers, All Other
Natural Sciences Managers
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