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Paper Science & Engineering Overview

With a major in Paper Science and Engineering, you will learn everything there is to know about the development and production of the many types of paper products.

Students take classes in topics such as chemistry, advanced math, physics, engineering, environmental science, the physical and chemical properties of wood, and manufacturing to understand how trees make the transformation from pulp to paper. This degree will allow you to develop new ways of manufacturing paper products that may improve quality and efficiency.

Required Skills

Students who choose to pursue a degree in Paper Science and Engineering should have a strong background in science, specifically chemistry. You will learn about the different chemical and property changes that occur as wood becomes paper. Students should also have a strong background in mathematics. Critical thinking skills will help students analyze issues within the manufacturing products and help devise solutions that will improve productivity.

Paper Science and Engineering professional often work full time in offices or laboratories. These environments allow professionals to use computer software when solving engineering issues or performing research and development tasks.

In order to gain experience in the field, students should pursue an internship or summer job or participate in a cooperative engineering program offered by certain colleges. This experience will make students more competitive when searching for a job.

While many graduates hold a bachelor's degree, some decide to pursue a master's degree as well. This will give professionals the option to teach classes, conduct extensive research and develop, and potentially pursue careers with a higher salary.


Paper Science and Engineering graduates often have jobs with paper product manufacturers or lumber companies. This allows professionals to work closely with raw materials and oversee the production of products.

This field is growing at a rate slower than average causing competition among recent graduates for jobs. Those with relevant experience are more likely to be hired, as they are more attractive to employers.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Paper Science & Engineering might open up.

Architectural and Engineering Managers
Chemical Engineers
Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary
Engineers, All Other
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