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Robotics Engineering Overview

Robots used to be a thing of the future, but now they have been seamlessly incorporated into many parts of everyday life. From use in manufacturing to the armed forces, robots have aided humans in accomplishing a variety of tasks. If you're interested in becoming parts of this quickly developing field, consider majoring in Robotics Engineering.

As a Robotics Engineering major, you will learn how to build the robot framework, program its operating system, test the machine, and incorporate it into medical, transportation, and military fields. You will take classes in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, operating systems, computer software, and mechanical engineering along with a variety of courses specific to the robotics field. A degree in Robotic Engineering will provide you with the skills to participate in a growing field that has an immediate impact on numerous industries.

Required Skills

Students pursuing a degree in Robotics Engineering should have a strong background in mathematics and computer science. Advanced knowledge of operating systems will allow professionals to seamlessly incorporate robotics systems into a variety of manufacturing or production locations. Students who are successful in this field also have strong critical thinking skills and creativity. This allows them to analyze a scenario and develop unique robotic systems to accomplish certain tasks.

Robotics Engineers typically work full time in offices or in research and development labs. These environments provide professionals access to the computer systems necessary to develop, test, and maintain the various types of robotic systems currently used in manufacturing, agriculture, aviation, and a variety of other industries.

Bachelor's degrees are often sufficient for entry-level jobs in robotics engineering, but students should be prepared to earn their master's or doctorate if they wish to advance in the field.


Graduates with degrees in Robotics Engineering typically get jobs in robotics manufacturing firms. Some graduates have pursued careers where they oversee the maintenance and function of robotics systems within different fields. An advanced degree in this field also provides graduates the option to go into research and development or teach at universities.

Due to the rapid development of this field, graduates should come out of school with many career options. Those will advanced degrees and experience in the field will be more competitive in the job market.

Robotics Engineering graduates earn an average starting salary of N/A and midcareer salary of N/A.

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