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Surveying Engineering Overview

Surveying Engineering graduates know everything about the world - well the surface of it that is! Surveying Engineers map areas, measure property lines, and record survey results in all types of landscapes to ensure buildings are constructed on the proper plot, travel distances are accurate, and land deeds are up to date.

In order to become a survey engineer, students take classes in satellite imaging, geographic information systems, geography, site planning, astronomy, and various forms of measurement. These skills will teach students everything they need to know about surveying and open up job possibilities in a variety of industries.

Required Skills

Surveying Engineering professionals work to determine boundary lines, measure travel distances, and create maps. Attention to detail is extremely important in taking accurate measurements. Professionals must also have strong interpersonal and communication skills so they can exchange information between customers, builders, and government authorities. Time management and leadership skills will allow professionals to lead teams and finish multiple projects at once.

Surveying engineers work full time, but don't always work typical hours. They often work longer hours during the summer when daylight hours are longer. Professionals also split their time between surveying in the field and laying out information and data in the office.

Although they are not mandatory, internships and summer jobs provide students with excellent experience within this field.


Surveying Engineering graduates work at a variety locations. They can be found in urban planning companies, architecture firms, land development firms, government agencies, and construction companies. Any industry that requires the measurement of land plots, boundary lines, or areas of the earth's surface will be looking to employ graduates.

With this field expected to grow by 25% over the next ten years, graduates should not have a problem finding a job. However, jobs may be more readily available in different areas of the country giving better prospects to those who are willing to relocate.

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Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary
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