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English Literature (Other) Overview

An English Major includes a broad education in many subjects. This major provides a great education for the student who may not have a specific career path in mind.

However, Students can also choose to specialize in a subject such as British Literature, Children's Literature, or even African Literature, Environmental Literature, Classic Studies, Journalism or Film Studies. In this major you will learn critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. You will work with many different types of prose and poetry to ensure a rounded education.

Classes will range depending on the focus of your major. Classes you can expect to come across include: introduction to literature, tragedy and comedy, classic Greek, survey of British literature, survey of American literature, and the history of the English language.

Required Skills

It should be no surprise to you that communication skills are very important in this major. An English Major involves tons of reading, writing, and analyzing texts. Employ good time management skills to get through all your reading and writing assignments, or you may end up finishing a paper due the next day at 5AM.

Creativity will help you find new angles when writing your papers. There is no single interpretation for a piece of text. If you like black and white answers this is not a major for you. You should be ready to take unconventional approaches and think outside the box. This will allow you to grow and develop your own opinions rather than relying on your professor's interpretation of the work.

English majors do a lot of research, writing, re-writing and editing. By the time you are finished your writing skills will be well developed. Learn to take constructive criticism to make your work better. These skills are valued in almost any career field.


This degree will allow you to go in multiple fields. You can easily continue your education to become a teacher or a professor who specializes in a certain area of English. Students may also choose to go to Law school or obtain an Master of Business or Marketing. The skills you learn in your English classes will be easily transferable. Aside from education, many graduates work in writing, publishing, editing, copyrighting, advertising, media or sales.

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