Writing Studies Overview

Do you keep a journal, scribble down stories or help out your classmates by editing their papers? If so, a Writing Studies major may be for you. You will learn how to write for different audiences and for different purposes. In any writing concentration, you will read and analyze poetry and fiction. You will learn different approaches and perfect your writing style while completing numerous assignments.

Some of the classes you will encounter will include writing theory and linguistics, creative writing, poetry, technical writing, format and layout and more.

You can pursue a general writing major or choose a concentration in Creative Writing, Technical and Scientific Writing or Rhetoric and Composition.

Required Skills

Creativity and an open mind will help you analyze and critique all different styles, genres, and themes of literature. Part of your education will include participating in poetry and prose readings. You may be required to read aloud your own writing, so you may want to work on your public speaking skills.

Working independently will be a large part of this major. You should be able to self motivate and complete your work by the appropriate deadlines. Learn to accept constructive criticism and use it to improve your writing style.

Try to get as much real-life experience with writing as possible. One suggestion is to join the school newspaper, volunteer as a tutor or work in the school writing center. Obtain an internship in a publishing house, newspaper or Media Company to give you an edge over other students. Start building a portfolio of work during your undergraduate years.


You can work in various fields with a writing degree. Many students work toward becoming a published author or poet, but it may take years to become published. Strong writers are also able to find work in editing, publishing, journalism, digital media, and advertising. There is a high demand for technical writers in certain fields. Professional or Tech Writers take difficult to understand material and concepts and rewrite them so the average person is able to understand them. Writing majors also become teachers, copywriters, freelance writers or work in business.

Graduates with a degree in writing studies average $34,715 as a starting salary with a mid-career salary of $59,959.

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Technical Writers
Writers and Authors
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