Family, Consumer & Human Sciences (Other)
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Family, Consumer & Human Sciences (Other) Overview

There are a variety of different majors and concentrations you can choose when you study Family, Consumer & Human Sciences. Aside from the more traditional majors of Family & Consumer Science, Consumer Economics, Health & Nutrition, Textile & Apparel or Housing, you may choose a less common major. One example is Kinesiology. This major involves the study of physical activity, physical education, management, and science. Some of the topics you will learn include obesity prevention, sports, health and fitness. Human Services is another major that may interest you. Here you will learn about psychology, sociology, nutrition, meal management, and family finances. Or you could major in Hospitality Management, where you will learn to work with people while running a hotel or another business.

Courses will vary drastically depending on what major you decide to pursue. There are some general courses that you may be required to take. These include: nutrition, exercise, child development, clothing, consumer economics, sociology, health science, family financial management, human biology, meal management, and human development.

Required Skills

There are many different skills needed in the social science department. You should enjoy working with people, as you will daily be researching how to improve the quality of life for others through eating better, exercise, money management, or meeting expectations and demands. Improving your community and the lives of others should be exciting and desirable to you. The main goal in this major is to help those around you.

It is also important to be able to listen to others so you understand how you can help. Patience will be required when working with certain people. You should be comfortable taking initiative and being in the leadership role. Strong communication skills are essential to all students in the Family & Consumer Science field. The work can be very draining work, but also very exhilarating as you help people meet their personal goals.


There are many different career paths within this field. As stated above you can work in human services, hospitality management or become a professional trainer or dietician. Choose your major based on your specific interests in order to pursue a career path that you enjoy. Through your coursework you will learn what truly inspires you. Graduates also find work in public services as a social worker, urban planner, or even a politician. The salaries of the vast amounts of careers in family, consumer, and human sciences in your field will vary drastically. Your salary may vary dramatically depending on which major you choose and career you choose to follow.

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