Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition Services
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Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition Services Overview

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to have a well-rounded diet. Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services majors work with patients to oversee health and diet needs and help them reach goals.

This major involves classes in chemistry, physiology, nutrition, and biology to learn how to design nutrition plans and help ensure patients are receiving important nutrients. Professionals work in nursing homes, cafeterias, hospitals, schools, and offices where they can work closely with food and evaluate the nutritional needs of groups of people or individual patients.

Students interested in the Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services field often specialize in Clinical Nutrition, Dietetic Technician, Dietitian Assistant, or Bioethics/Medical Ethics.

Required Skills

Students in the Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services major typically have strong critical thinking and analytical skills. They must observe patients' nutritional needs and create dietary plans to help patients receive all the nutrition they need to stay healthy or reach a certain goal. Strong interpersonal and communication skills allow students to work closely with others to help them face dietary concerns.

A degree in this field usually leads to a fulltime job in a variety of locations. Some Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services majors work for medical services in hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics, while other professionals are self-employed. Self-employment allows you to work closely with individuals or smaller groups of people while setting your own hours.

In order to earn a degree in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition, students must complete an internship. This experience gives you hands-on experience within the field under the supervision of a trained professional. Students must also be licensed before working in this career field.


Graduates work in many different locations where they deal with the dietary needs of others by planning meals, adding supplementary nutrition, and observing the effects of meal plans. Some graduates work in the cafeterias of schools, hospitals, and nursing homes, while other graduates have gone on to open their own practice.

With this occupation growing at a faster than average rate, students should be able to find job opportunities after graduation.

Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Service graduates earn an average starting salary of $42,440 and mid-career salary of $53,854.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Dietetics & Clinical Nutrition Services might open up.

Dietetic Technicians
Dietitians and Nutritionists
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