Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services
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Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services Overview

A major in Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services provides you with the education to assist Optometrists in providing clear vision for their patients.

Students in this field learn everything about the eyes so they can improve patients' vision or diagnose and treat and eye diseases. You will take classes in chemistry, biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and optics and visual science to learn how to perform eye exams, eye surgeries, and teach patients how to perform vision rehabilitation.

Some of the concentrations available in this major are Ophthalmic Dispensing Optician, Optometric Technician, Ophthalmic Technology, and Orthoptics.

Required Skills

Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services professionals work closely with patients, making strong communication and interpersonal skills a must. You should be able to make your patients feel comfortable in your office and trust your skills. Decision-making and critical thinking skills are also important because they will help you diagnose vision issues and decide on the best form of treatment.

Graduates with a degree in Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services often go into full time jobs in the field. They usually work in optometrists' offices and hold normal work hours, although some people decide to work evenings or weekends to accommodate their patients' schedule.

Depending on the type of job you would like to pursue in this field, you may need an advanced degree. In order to work as an optometrist you must earn a Doctor of Optometry degree, while other professions only require an associate's. Internships and summer jobs within Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services will allow you to learn more about the different career options and the necessary requirements for each.


Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services graduates typically perform various tasks within an optometrist's office depending on the area of specialization you decide to major in. Other people pursue positions in physicians' offices, other medical centers, or decide to open their own practice. The Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services field is growing at a faster than average rate giving graduates good job opportunities.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Ophthalmic & Optometric Support Services might open up.

Ophthalmic Medical Technicians
Opticians, Dispensing
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