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Legal Research Overview

A major in Legal Research will allow you to do in depth research in the legal field. The program focuses on law and legal issues from many different perspectives. Students receive a broad education in the social sciences and humanities to help them research laws and policies throughout history. Classes will include debate and discussion on controversial issues and the role of government in society.

Some of the courses you will take are English, literature, speech, United Stares history, United States government and politics, government policy, logic, writing, political science, philosophy, and constitutional law.

There are many different concentrations in this field. They include Programs for Foreign Lawyers, U.S. Law / Jurisprudence, Canadian Law / Jurisprudence, Banking or Corporate Law, Comparative Law, Environmental Law, Health Law, International Law and Legal Studies, and International Business, Trade, and Tax Law.

Required Skills

This major is for a person who wants to understand the unique relationship between law and society. You will be constantly reading, researching, and writing on different legal cases and laws. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion and engage in debate. Legal problems are often issues of contention with people.

Be ready to work hard to obtain good grades while balancing all of the work from your courses. You should have good time management skills because you will have a heavy workload in reading and writing for your different courses at the same time. Understanding history, politics, philosophy, and different social issues is important to help shape your opinions and ideas. You will also learn how to read and understand different court rulings and use legal resources to help you. Some schools may require you to obtain an internship in a law office where you may get the opportunity to draft letters or a legal brief.


Legal research will prepare you to go into law school if you decide to pursue further education. This would also prepare you to continue on in your education and become a judge. Another career opportunity could be to become a court reporter or legal researcher.

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