Legal Professions (Other)
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Legal Professions (Other) Overview

In the legal profession, there are many directions you can take. Some of the more traditional options are to become a lawyer, paralegal or a court reporter, but are plenty of other lesser known subjects to pursue. Some students decide to major in Political Science and Government, Criminal Justice or Public Policy Analysis.

In any of these majors you will need to take classes on law, psychology, sociology, public administration, English, history, and statistics.

Required Skills

You will be expected to become acquainted with politics, government, and public policy, and be prepared to argue your point and stick up for what you believe in. Your classmates and professors will often have opposing viewpoints. Students with a bold personality will usually succeed in this field. You will sharpen your debating skills and your ability to reason. Communication skills will help you greatly; this includes critical reading, writing and speaking. These majors require you to use interdisciplinary skills to dissect and understand what you are learning.

Those who are naturally curious will do well as students spend many hours researching the legal and justice system as well as public policy. Be prepared to question data and dig deep to find answers. Coursework and projects will help you develop your problem solving skills. You will learn how to handle urgent issues and propose solutions. Good interpersonal skills will help you as you debate others and try to persuade people.

Many schools will require you to participate in an internship in your field to get hands-on experience in the workforce.


Any of these majors will prepare you to continue on in your education and go to law school. However, you could also become a police officer or detective with your background. You would also be well prepared to teach history, political science or law at the secondary level. You could also go into legal research, work in public policy or work as an analyst. The salaries of these very different careers will range drastically. Salaries will also differ depending on if you are working for the public or for a private law firm.

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