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Because only 3,362 students graduate with a degree in Statistics each year, it ranks only 111st out of 384 in recognition.

Positioned 16 out of 121 total majors in regards to possible income, Statistics graduates generate around 28.0% more than most college grads. To be specific, Statistics grads record normal early career income of $48,899 and mid-career salary of $99,822 .

Best Statistics Colleges Ranked in Order of Quality

The following list ranks the best colleges and universities in the U.S. for a Statistics degree. Our ranking methodology takes into account factors such as education quality, average earnings of graduates, accreditation, and several other relevant factors.

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Carnegie Mellon University is the best choice for individuals thinking about a Statistics major. Students from the statistics major at Carnegie Mellon University get 13.9% more than the standard college grad with the same degree. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this institution is a very good option for students who enjoy the thrill of a significant city.

Given that 40.8% of Carnegie Mellon's campus originates from outside the United States, you are going to have many chances to befriend undergraduates from all over the world. Concerned that you can't afford Carnegie Mellon University? Don’t allow that to stop you from submitting an application since 52.0% of students get financial help. If you're interested in finding out more, you will find every one of Carnegie Mellon University's rankings here.

Every student who is interested in Statistics needs to check out University of Pennsylvania. Statistics majors from University of Pennsylvania get a earnings boost of around 24.1% above the average earnings of statistics graduates. University of Pennsylvania is among the largest schools in Pennsylvania.

54.0% of students at University of Pennsylvania acquire educational funding, so don't forget to complete the FAFSA! Graduates of University of Pennsylvania usually do not have problems paying back their student debt; just 1.1% are in default. Want to learn more about University of Pennsylvania's campus? Take a virtual tour.

It's hard to beat Harvard University if you want to study Statistics. Statistics majors from Harvard University get a earnings boost of approximately 34.8% over the average earnings of statistics majors. This school is one of the largest schools in Massachusetts.

Freshmen are required to live on-campus at Harvard University. With its low net price and fantastic education, Harvard University is a good investment, earning a position of #28 in Massachusetts. Want to know more about Harvard University's campus? Have a virtual tour.

University of California - Berkeley is a good choice for students pursuing a Statistics degree. Students who graduate from this program report average early career wages of $57,451 and mid-career wages of $136,545. The location in a major urban center is great for young people seeking ample possibilities for networking, adventure, and exploration.

Around 78.0% of UC Berkeley applicants send their SAT scores, which average around 1,405. You might want to invest in an ACT prep course before taking the exam since the usual ACT score is 32. Learn more to see how well UC Berkeley ranks in other categories.

Any student pursuing a degree in Statistics needs to check out Columbia University in the City of New York. Columbia University in the City of New York offers graduate degrees in statistics for those interested in an advanced degree. New York, New York is an ideal environment for individuals who enjoy the fast moving urban lifestyle.

Every additional year of college causes students to take on more debt, so Columbia's impressive 85.3% graduation rate is definitely a plus. For graduates who would like to carry on following their bachelor's degree, this school has graduate programs available. Get an idea of what student life at Columbia is like by viewing some campus videos.

It is difficult to beat University of Michigan - Ann Arbor if you wish to pursue Statistics as a major. Students who complete this degree state that they receive average early career wages of $56,842 and mid-career wages of $98,821. The location in a main city is wonderful for young people trying to find adequate options for social networking, excitement, and discovery.

Get higher than 31 on the ACT? That is over the typical applicant score, so you have a good possibility of getting in. This college features a high freshman retention rate, with 97.0% of first-year students returning the next year. Go on a virtual tour to explore U of Michigan.

Duke University is a great option for students pursuing a Statistics degree. Graduates from the statistics degree program at Duke University make 15.7% more than the average graduate in this field. The setting in a big urban center is wonderful for students seeking ample chances for networking, experience, and discovery.

If you're concerned with taking on too much student debt, you will want to note that Duke students graduate with about $24,668 in student loans. 97.0% of freshmen return for their sophomore year. Take a virtual tour to explore more about Duke's campus.

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University of Chicago is among your best bets if you want to study Statistics. Soon after graduation, statistics students usually make around $50,695 in the first five years of their career. Located in Chicago, Illinois, this university is optimum for young people who flourish in an urban setting.

You will be able to meet others from many different ethnicities thanks to UChicago's diverse campus. UChicago has been rated among the best for education quality for veterans and active-duty military. Learn more about what campus life at UChicago is like by enjoying some campus videos.

It's hard to find a better school than Cornell University if you wish to pursue Statistics as a major. In addition to its bachelor's programs, Cornell University offers graduate degrees in Statistics. Ithaca, New York is an ideal environment for college students who enjoy the fast-paced urban lifestyle.

This school is well-known for the support of military personnel and is the 280 best in the nation for veterans. Parents, you will be happy to find out we feel Cornell University has a comparatively low crime rate. The scorecard can give you a good review of Cornell University.

University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign is one of the finest schools in the country for Statistics. After graduating, statistics students generally earn around $48,549 at the beginning of their careers. With more than 20,000 students, this institution is one of the biggest schools in the nation.

Since the average SAT score of this school's applicants is around 1,382, admissions officers can afford to be pretty selective. This institution has a high retention rate, with 94.0% of first years returning for their sophomore year. Videos from UIUC could be a great way to get more info on the university.

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