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ABAC Tifton Housing Costs

How Do ABAC Tifton's Room and Board Costs Compare to Other Schools?

Room, board, along with other charges may add up to a great deal. Just how much does ABAC Tifton charge for these essentials, and how does it compare to other schools?

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ABAC Tifton Living Expenses In 2021, students at ABAC Tifton paid out $4,872 for housing and $3,090 for the dining plan.

Discover Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College housing expenses for both on-campus and off-campus, in addition to dining plans in addition to other expenses in the the next table.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $7,962 $6,200
— Housing       $4,872
— Meals       $3,090
Other Living Expenses $3,200 $3,200
Books and Supplies $1,000 $1,000
Total $12,162 $10,400

Projected Total of $49,793 in Living Costs Over 4 Years

On-campus housing and dining at ABAC Tifton have changed around 0.9% for each of the past five years, compared to a nationwide average change of 2.4%. Incoming freshmen in 2022 can expect to pay approximately $12,274 for housing and dining expenses according to existing movements. Students obtaining their associate degree will likely spend approximately $12,388 in their last year, while bachelor's degree students will probably pay about $12,624 in their last year.

The room and board total over four years will be close to $49,793; for just two years it would be about $24,663.


* estimated

How to Finance Your ABAC Tifton Education?

More on Your Campus Living Situation

Are you wondering whether you may be required to live on campus? If you are a first-time full-time student, some schools may require it. See the table below to find out whether ABAC Tifton does or not, as well as the on-campus housing capacity.

Question Answer
Are Freshmen Required to Live on Campus? No
On-Campus Housing Capacity 1,324

Room & Board and Other Expenses are Below Average

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College living expenses are priced very reasonably! The average student pays $12,162 in comparison to the nationwide average of $15,282.



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