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Bethel University Tuition & Fees Report

How Much Does Bethel University - Mishawaka Cost?

Are the tuition & fee charges at Bethel University - Mishawaka reasonable when compared to nationwide averages? Find out here. In this Bethel University cost report, you'll find:

How Much Does Bethel University Charge for Tuition?

$29,790 In-State Tuition & Fees
$29,790 Out-of-State Tuition & Fees

In 2019-2020, the average tuition and fees at Bethel University - Mishawaka ran about $29,790 per year for students working on an undergraduate degree. Students from Indiana did not receive a discount.

Tuition Fees Total
Tuition & Fees $29,250 $540 $29,790

These tuition and fees costs include one year of academic instruction, but do not cover room and board.

Remeber that many students qualify for scholarships and financial aid that will lower the amount they have to pay.

How much does Bethel University - Mishawaka cost for part-time students?

Go to the Cost Per Credit Hour page for details.

How Do Bethel University Tuition & Fees Compare to Other Schools?

The national out-of-state average for tuition and fees is $19,609 a year. With yearly tuition and fees charges running about $29,790 for out-of-state undergrads, Bethel University - Mishawaka is relatively expensive when compared to other schools in the country. Note that Bethel University does not give any in-state discounts.

If you want to know how Bethel University compares to other schools in the nation, in the region, and in the state, see the chart below.

Nationwide Great Lakes Indiana
Tuition & Fees Expensive Expensive Expensive

Note that a school may appear to be more expensive than another school when you look at tuition and fees alone, but it may actually be a better deal when you factor in financial aid packages. For more details on that, see: Bethel University - Mishawaka Financial Aid.

Bethel University Tuition & Fees Five Year Projection

1.97% Tuition Increase
7.11% Fee Increase
$127,967 Est. 4-Year Cost

Over the past five years, Bethel University tuition and fees has grown by a rate of 2.05% annually. Tuition grew by 1.97%, and fees grew by 7.11%. If costs keep growing at the same rate students will be charged $31,024 this school year.

For two years of academic instruction, your cost will end up being $62,685 for two years and $127,967 for four years.

Remeber to factor in additional costs such as room and board, transportation or books.

The following chart shows projected upcoming tuition and fees for undergraduates at Bethel University.


Factor Cost Increases Into Your Budget

Unless your school has advertised price freezes, it is likely the cost of tuition and fees will go up every year. Make sure you factor this into your budget.

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